76 Chapter 76
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Author :Immovable087
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76 Chapter 76

"So that's how it all began." Quickstep concluded to his listeners. They were all shocked by what they heard.

No one knew if they'd believe this bald immortal but as usual everyone kept their silence about it. There would be no ending if they would ask pointless questions judging from how Quickstep acted oblivious to their natural reactions entirely.

"We understand your plight, Quickstep. What is it you want from us?" Juliana replied as she didn't want to waste anymore second by talking with this bald immortal and his nonsense.

She just wished to get it over with. A long hot bath would be perfect from all the trauma she got tonight, Juliana thought disgustedly after she remembered that big thing that rested on her face earlier.

It was an experience that would haunt her for some time, she knew.

"It's like this, my friends. From below the surface of the earth directly underneath your house, there is a man whom I seek.

He was one of the humans who had raged hell upon my clan. And it is my right to exact justice for the fallen. Can you let me see him?" Quickstep finally informed the women of his real quest in coming to this city.

He could not wait until retribution was served and it was now high time for a reckoning. But before that, he would have to ask permission first.

It was very rude to just barged in on someone's home without notice. Quickstep followed his teachings to the letter.

"Do you mean the dungeons, Quickstep? Sure. Let me call someone to guide you unless my companions here would be willing to go with you themselves." Juliana hinted at her fellow wives, Vera and Savana.

"I don't think I could do much in terms of being a decent guide, Juliana. We would be lost in no time because I have not gone to the dungeons in a long time.

Perhaps you would like the honor of going with the exalted immortal, Savana?" the witty Vera passed the obligation to others. Her skin even itched having such close proximity with this nude immortal.

"The warden in the jail would do much rather than any of us, sisters. Let's give the task to his able hands." Savana quickly advised as she too, did not want to be with Quickstep more than what was necessary.

"That's settled then." Juliana hastened the process and communicated with a person with her divine sense.

"What are your orders, my queens?" a ghostly apparition materialized before the gathered experts after only a breath. His face was not discernible as his flowing form changed from real and unreal with each beating of the seconds.

"What is that man?" Quickstep asked in wonder.

"It is an Awakened Ghost, Sir Quickstep." Althea answered her new companion in a journey she had yet to take.

"Awakened Ghosts?! HAHAHA! You are a very interesting man Awakened Ghost. Will you be my friend?" Quickstep offered a hand of friendship to the peculiar existence in front of him.


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