The Stealth King
10 why....
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The Stealth King
Author :devilmastermind
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10 why....

"I....I don't want you to leave."

"Why?" I asked.

After a few seconds of silence she spoke.

"It is lonely here, stuck in this world all alone, with no one to talk to."

She looks up with a pleading look on her face.



'System is it possible to take her with me?'

<<Hold on....checking....yes is is possible>>

<<Make the girl latch on to an object and you should be able to leave with her or you can try to attach her to your soul>>

'My soul? Is that dangerous?'

<<For the weak yes, it causes excruciating pain from the depths of ones soul, to make one feel like the are being burned alive from the inside>>

'Am I able to this?'

<<Wouldn't recommend it right at this time>>

'Okay so how do I get her to attach to an item?'

<<Ask her to focus on said object till there is a slight stinging pain in her head, ask her to make it feel like a home to her like she has something there to do, then when the sting is gone ask her to try to think of resting and the item at the same time>>


"Hey Jessica come over here."

She shuffles her way to me still looking embarrassed with that red glow to her cheeks.

"Yes big brother?" She says while still look in down at the ground.

"There may be a way for you to come with me, fir-"


She stares at me with expecting eyes.

"First do you have any jewelry, like a ring or a pendant of some kind?"

She stops to think for a few seconds, then she looks up, with what I can only call is pure happiness.

"Yes I know of something!" She says while running down the hall.

A few minutes later she comes back with a small locket, she hands it to me.

'It.. it is beautiful.' Is all I could think.

It is a silver locket with a gold patterns of a lion sitting gracefully on a rock looking at the sun.

I open up the locket to see on the left side a beautiful women sitting in a chair and a handsome man standing behind her both looking like Jessica, on the right was a cute little girl, like the one in front of me, looking at the one painting her.

'Is this Jessica's parents?'

I look up to Jessica, "do you know who these people are?"

"No, I just found that one day lying around on the floor in the kitchen."

'Hmm...guess she doesn't know.'

"Anyway let's get started with getting you out."

"Yes big brother!"

"Ok, first off concentrate on this locket; when your head has a slight stinging pain in it, picture this as your home like you have something here you need, when the stinging is gone try going to sleep while picturing the locket."

While I say this I can she Jessica concentrating hard, hard enough that she is clenches her fist. Her red glow is starting to get stronger.

After a few minutes she slowly opens her eyes while a bit of sweat drops down her face.

She shuts them faster then she opened them.

With her eyes shut she slowly starts to evaporate from where she is standing and the 'mist' coming from her slowly goes to the locket where it slightly vibrates almost as if to say 'i'm here.'


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