The Multi-Dimensional Creature
1 The Creator“s Return
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The Multi-Dimensional Creature
Author :ExceedGamer
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1 The Creator“s Return

Darkness. I feel nothing. Then, a jolt. I open my eyes and look around. The walls were gray and bleak. There is metal around my body. Then someone walks into the room. They said that i was a monster. I pushed my arms forward to try to break the metal. The metal groaned and he backed up a step in suprise then said, "the cuffs won't break". "My name is the creator", is the last thing he said before he left me in thought. I then started to focus on how to get out of these so called "cuffs". Then an old man walked into the room and said, "i will give you the power to learn languages just by hearing them". I then blacked out. When i woke up he cautiously said, "hello". "Hello", i said in a suprised voice. He quickly relaxed and walked out of the room. For many amounts of time i was in those cuffs. I learned everything i could. Then came the day i call THE"SORROWFUL DAY".

That day i put power in my arms and ripped them out of the cuffs. The alarm rang and i ran at a wall. I hit it so hard that it dissolved. Then i realized,...i was afraid of my own power. I started to run. I went faster and faster until i was a blur. I saw a guard and ran through them. I ran through a wall and juped off a hill. I saw something shining in the distance and found myself flying towards it. Once i got closer i saw it was a portal marked as Coran. Without hesitation i jumped through it. I found myself in front of a mob. They were suprised. I backflipped onto the roof behind me,turned around and ran. I found myself in a forest. I said,"goodbye world". I went into the dark forest. I later found a home in a tree to stay in. I cleaned it up enough where it could be considered a home. Night was here.....
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