4 Chapter 4
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Author :alexajones91
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4 Chapter 4

Sakura left after saying her piece. Dejected at her friend's words Saya slowly got herself ready for her first day of school. Saya knew Sakura was right. She needed to stay away from Haru. It would be the best if they never crossed paths again.

Saya stood in front of her school's massive iron gate. Two guard gates stood on either side. One for cars to pass through and the other for people walking. Many high profile students attended North Star so security was tight. Two guards man each side of guard gates. Several highly train security guards were also hired by the school to keep the students safe. It wasn't just the guards that were exquisite so was the school's security system. High def security cameras surrounded the school grounds. It was all top notch and military grade. Plus the police department was also at the beck and call of the school should any problem arise. The police department stood across the school. An added protection for the high class and noble youth of North Star. The school and parents of the students made sure the safety of their precious heirs were always a priority.

Saya placed her thumb on the pad right outside of the guard door. "Have a nice day Ms. Summers." One of the guards press a button and the door open. Saya nodded her head in response walking to the school grounds. Her morning class was going to start soon so she didn't have much time to look around.

"Ohmygod look thats her right"

"I can't believe she has the nerve to show her face again after all this time"

"She's so weird. She was obsessed with killers back in high school. It was sooooo creepy."

Saya could hear the loud whispers all around. She paid them no mind and walk to the empty seat in front. The seat was next to the big bay windows and the light from the sunlight made her desk warm. She bask in the light ignoring all those around her. Saya knew her return was bound to cause a stir. Taking her laptop out of her bag she began hacking into the police department's system.

'Another victim was found. Three dead so far from strangulation all within a month's time. The killer was escalating. But this last victim had nothing in common with the first two. The first two were young similar in age and appearance but this last one was a lot older. Something isn't adding up. What happen for the killer to deviate from its pattern? If the last victim wasn't found dress in the same blue dress as the first two the police wouldn't have link it to the previous murder.' Saya sighs, reading the police files trying to glimpse into the killer's mind.

Being the daughter of private detectives Saya did not have a conventional childhood. Her parents put bad guys away for a living and it's her dream to follow into the family business. Her affinity for mysteries rivals her hatred for criminals, especially killers. No human being has the right to take away another person's life.

"Oh look at the rat coming out of her hole".

Saya look at the girl sneering at her. It was Ai Tanaka, Sakura and Kaito's cousin. Her long hair was styled in soft waves framing her delicate face. She resemble Sakura's beauty but lack her kind nature. Ai wasn't close to either Sakura or Kaito. The twins knowing her malicious personality chose to distance themselves from her. It was pretty clear when Ai entered middle school with them that she was using the twins to get close to Haru. It didn't work. Haru never once glanced her way and the twins soon tired of her plotting ways told her to stay away. Ai hated them ever since. But not as much as she hated Saya. The weirdo new girl who always had her nose in a mystery murder book. But somehow managed to gain the attention of their school's cold hearted prince. It was a mystery why Haru held her in such high regards but it made Saya the victim of all the girls hatred and jealousy. No one hated her more than Ai.

'What a great way to start my first day', she thought. Ignoring Ai, Saya open another file on the case. The autopsy report for the latest victim pop into the screen. Saya glance at the report.

"Nothing to say? I can't believe you have the gall to come back after all this time. You better stay away from Haru you bitch!"


Why was everyone telling her to stay away from Haru. She was planning to anyways. It's not like she enter North Star in hopes of getting back together with him. That ship has sailed, crashed into an iceberg and sank to the very bottom of the ocean. She has no plans to ever getting together with Haru again. She just wants to peacefully attend her classes, get her degree, and catch some god damn serial killers. Was that really too much to ask?!

Saya let out a sigh. "Look here you twatwaffle. I have nothing to do with Haru anymore. Leave me the hell alone before you regret it."


Ai raise her arm ready to slap Saya but got startle by the sudden force of the door being kicked open. BANG! The poor door was almost unhinge from the force.

"Nothing to do with me anymore huh?"


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