Shen Yue Reborn
23 Sister Alchemis
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Shen Yue Reborn
Author :GrandpaWrath2
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23 Sister Alchemis

Shen Yue was walking towards the entrance of the alchemist association. He walked inside the entrance reception and was greeted by the receptionist.

"Hello there, young master. What does young master want?"

You're probably wondering, why is he going to the alchemist association? Well a few days ago Shen Yue had this idea of having a talented alchemist join his ranks not only that but he also wanted to learn alchemy because it would be useful. Furthermore if he is to be a match against Nie Li then he should at least learn alchemy as Nie Li is skillful in every occuptation, forging, alchemy, inscriptions; Nie Li is good at anything, Nie Li could use anyhing against (if he were to be his enemy).

"I want to learn alchemy." said Shen Yue

"Oh, okay. That would be 100,000 demon spirit coins."

The alchemy association takes in disciples if they pay for tuition or if they have talent (Yang Xin managed to join the association thanks to her hidden talent). A tuition from a common alchemist costs 100,000 demon spirit coins whilst from high ranking alchemists cost 1,000,000 demon spirit coins.

"Can I learn alchemy from Director Yang?" asked Shen Yue

"Director Yang? That would be... 1,500,000 demon spirit coins." said ther receptionist.

Shen Yue handed the money over to the receptionist which kinda surprised the receptionist that a little boy could have such a sum of money on him.

"Follow me young master I'll lead the way to Direcor Yang." said the receptionist as she waved towards Shen Yue, bowed and the they began walking through the building with her being at the front.


"Damn it! I failed again. Didn't know that the copper string grass would have such an effect with the electro eel skin." said a feminine voice as there was lots of smoke in the room Shen Yue entered.

The smoke cleared and a great beauty appeared before Shen Yue, she had dark purple hair with beautiful purple eyes. She wore blue robes; this was definitely Yang Xin as she looked just like the Manhwa.

"Good Afternoon Alchemist Sister!" said Shen Yue as he bowed his head with respect.

"Good afternoon. What are you doing here?" asked Yang Xin

" Alchemist Sister. I would like to learn Alchemy from you." said Shen Yue

"Really now... Let me ask you this then. What does a great alchemist require? If you give a good answer then I will teach you alchemy."

Hearing this question Shen Yue was caught off guard by this question as he expected to be taught after the tuition fee was paid. Furthermore he was confused by this question as he had multple answers but he doesn't know the right one.

'Is it that alchemists require good senses? Is it Knowledge? Good flame control?' Suddenly after thinking things through there was an answer that Shen Yue was confident in.

"Luck." said Shen Yue.

Yang Xin smiled and said, "good. Now explain me why."

"An alchemist requires luck for everything, if it's either getting good ingredients, being in a good condition, if the setting and environment are right and most of all when the process of turning the ingredients into pills and elixirs, luck is needed the most as it is the one that decides the end result."

Yang Xin was happy with the intellect of Shen Yue and said, "So you're here to learn alchemy and you paid the tuition fee. I, sister Yang Xin will teach you alchemy but first before I teach you, you first need to memorise all the contents within these books."

Yang Xin handed Shen Yue 3 books. One was called 'Alchemy Flames & Furnaces' it gives a good understanding of how to control the furnaces and flames in alchemy. The second one was called 'Beginners alchemy herb and mineral guide' it had most information for herbs and minerals such as e.g. blood from a certain demon spirit; their current known effects and processes are written in this book. The other one was called 'Alchemy for dummies', it gave an over all understanding of alchemy as a whole for people that have never tried alchemy and made very easy to understand.

Shen Yue sighed, took the books and said, "Fine. I'll memories all these books and come back here in a month. I promise."

"Within a month? It takes most people to memorise them within 3-4 months. No need to make promises." said Yang Xin as she waved her hands trying to dismiss whilst smiling because she could clearly see the determination radiating from Shen Yue.


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