She's That Knight Known as Zero
307 Epilogue - A Few Events After The Main Story II
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She's That Knight Known as Zero
Author :Llaellen
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307 Epilogue - A Few Events After The Main Story II

Kaoru, who was also released from his restraints, happily accepted her challenge.

And this spar spread through the higher ups and the training ground was filled with audience.

Not just the higher ups have shown up, there are also some normal knights. Somehow the spaering became a mini competition where people would come to watch.

The spar they witnessed was then etched deeply in their memories. For the ferociousness of Kaoru's attacks, less the bloodlust, was completely parried by Eureka's dual sword.

Both their movements were not restrained. They were going all out, this is to the amazement of all those who are watching.

And the end was that their king have lost to his niece.

The night before they left, she was introduced to the ones whom Raven became close to.

He noticed that she was taken aback upon being introduced to Shin. And during the whole dinner, there are multiple times that she would look at him.

This piqued Raven's curiosity for it was not normal for Eureka to show such actions towards those she just met.

So after retiring to the room given to them, he asked her if she knew who Shin was in the past.

After all he was among those who died before the Reset. Every person in Hesperian was not spared by Juzo at all.

"Do you remember my words about not forgetting those who died but instead to live their share?" she asked as the two of them rest in the bed.

Raven thought back and remembered that she had a small speech to him when they just came out of their last battle in the graduation competition.

"What of it?"

She faced him, lying on her side, with a happy smile. The smile even reached her eyes, showing how happy she was.

"Shin was the one who gave me that advise. The Shin of the other world."

A trace of shock flashed through Raven's eyes upon hearing this.

"And did you know? That among those who were with Ao and Zu, Shin was closest to Ao?"

Raven smiled back at her, "And it just so happens that in this world, Shin became Kaoru's closest asisstant."

Eureka nodded as she sighed in contentment. Who would have thought that after everything, one way or another, their paths would cross once again.

Seeing her happily smile, he didn't find it tiring anymore. The travel was arduous after all. But to have such a chance to find some of her past companions, he too was happy for her.

He pulled her into a hug and the both of them slept in comfort within each other's embrace.


Their travel was truly eventful and they have almost cleaned out the rebels. If there is still some, they no longer hold that much threat.

If they recruit that would be another matter but now, the kingdoms will no longer hold back and take them down the moment they found another hide out.

But among all these, the most eventful event actually happened in Archic Kingdom.

The day after their arrival when Raven and Eureka entered the dining hall. Suzuki noticed how Raven was looking pale and he seemed to be in a daze.

So after sitting down, she went close to Eureka and whispered to her.

"Did you made it difficult for him last night? Why does he looks like he was about to collapse? This is the first time I've seen the ever so serious Raven looking like this."

Eureka could only smile. She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry.

Why does it feels like, Eureka was insatiable the nighy before, with Suzuki's words?

"Can you call for a doctor?" she instead asked.

"Hmmm? Is he really sick? You should have said so earlier. Wait and I'll have someone call for the doctor."

And before Eureka could speak more, she had already called for a servant to fetch the doctor.

Raven was able to eat but was still in a complete daze until the doctor arrived.

They were already in the parlor during this time and Eureka had no choice but to hold on Raven in order to get there.

She also find it amusing that he could display such look.

"Please check him," Suzuki who was sitting beside Theo, said upon the arrival of the doctor.

"No, please check me instead," Eureka stopped him and pointed to herself instead.

She was trying to suppress a laugh when Suzuki and Theo looked at her baffled.

"I thought it was him? Are you the one? That's why he is currently pale?" Theo wondered.

Raven's look was truly something they never saw before so they presumed he must be feeling unwell.

"How must I check you?" the doctor asked full of respects.

He already knew that this lady was the cousin of their king.

"Please check whether I am pregnant," Eureka smiled and asked.

Suzuki and Theo were agape. Were they hearing things?

After a pulse check and another few checks it was confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. And she was already two months pregnant.

"And you said that you came here by horse? Your baby is amazing but may I suggest that you should stay put," the doctor then started giving his advises.

Of course as a doctor he needs to reprimand her. She seemed to already have an idea but she still took the risk.

Eureka could only listen, she only had an idea, she was not certain at all.

Theo and Nana felt like they were in a dream. Was it necessary to drop such news on the second day of your arrival?

When everything's done and medicine was given to her. The doctor left, only the four of them remained in the parlor.

Since Theo and Suzuki were still incapable of snapping out of their shock. Eureka instead face Raven.

Upon waking up she had actually vomited, at the same time she knew something have changed in her body. Even during their travel, she'd rather the horses walk than run.

Her sleep was also prolonged and the way she ate have changed. At the same time, the most normal when getting pregnant, she was actually delayed.

After putting all these together, she told Raven that she might indeed be pregnant.

Yet who would have thought that her husband would actually remain in a daze for so long?

"Are you really going to stay that way? When it was already confirmed?"

When she said this she clapped both hands on his cheeks, it was strong enough to return him to his senses.

Raven stared at her for a while before he pulled her in for a deep kiss.

He of course was truly happy to know that they would be having a child. Though both of them would brush it off at times.

Having one was still a blessing.

It was only after they heard a cough before they stopped.

"So you two... actually... during travels? In the forest?" Suzuki was in a complete daze.

If asked she wouldn't put this two in such a situation. It felt like, it was disrespectful to even think of them doing it in the forest, even if there's a tent.

But they were still travelling when she conceived.

Eureka suddenly laughed, seriously how do these people see the two of them?

"We would stop by the villages as well. We are not adventurous enough to actually do it in the forest," it is a bit embarrassing but she need to tell them this atleast.

Suzuki nodded in enlightenment.

"So I guess, is it possible for us to stay here until I give birth?" Eureka then asked.

It was after all not good for them to travel in her condition. Even with carriages, it was still quite a distance from Archic to Aurora.

"Then should we send a letter for them?" Theo offered.

"No, they'll know when we return," Eureka instead declined and told all of them to not disclose it to the other kingdoms.

Not until they are back to Aurora Kingdom.

"You really love to surprise all of them, don't you?" Suzuki shook her head and said.

"Are you doing what mother have said back then?" Raven then remembered the moment they left.

"She told us to comeback with a baby, she didn't say that we must inform them when I get preganant," Eureka smiled as she replied.

Theo and Suzuki smiled and thought while glancing at each other.

'Eureka was someone they never could read, whether in the past or in the present. She also loves dropping some news like a bomb without batting an eyelid. The way she thinks and the way she acts is something no one would ever be able to decipher otehr than Raven, alone. But this is the person they have come to love and cherish. If she changed to the point that even this little things would be gone. Then that would no longer be Eureka. The small quirks will never disappear even if you change after all. In the end, for all of them, now and always, Eureka Is The Knight Known As Zero.'

@@@@@ AUTHOR HERE @@@@@

Hi... I have started editing this story in june 18, 2020... And part of it was the description of our character's look.... so if you went past it here's my discord channel invite for you to see the hairstyle of our main characters since I really am weak in describing it... I am also someone inclined to anime so even these hairstyles are in the anime side... ^_^v.... Hope you have enjoyed our journey together....


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