Rising of the divine stone cultivation tablet
22 25k specia- I mean, break
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Rising of the divine stone cultivation tablet
Author :logames05
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22 25k specia- I mean, break

Hey, been a small while, about a week and a half, just want to say that I'm sorry? To emphasise on what this is, I'm taking a break. I have NO CLUE where this story is going and I need planning, a proper story, a possible end, and a lot of other things, but the reason why I'm taking a break is different to any of this. I write stories for my personal enjoyment, and just to let my imagination run wild, the amount of stories I've written but haven't finished is probably in the triple digits by now. I have a short span of attention and can't handle to do things for long, as if it's become a chore, which it what had become of this novel for me, and don't worry, when I come back to this novel, I'll do a burst of five chapters or something for an apology, and I know I have so many filler chapters, I'm sorry about that.

All of this is something I used to distract my mind with, it's pretty stupid how I thought that if others could make a novel then why can't I. I have no experience, I have no proper knowledge, I'm just a fifteen year old kid who is slightly creative, there's nothing special about my writing, it's just like all the other ones, except with poor release rates and an inconsistent plot line.

If you were liking this novel I'm sorry, but there's a slight chance I won't come back, I feel like another influence on this is something I wrote for school, I just want to expand upon THAT story, because I feel that has a proper plot line, and it has some ACTUAL PLANNING. I feel like I could enjoy that more then I do this, I feel like it could be so much more interesting, however posting it would only ruin it, like I did this novel.

Even though it's only two chapters a week, I find it hard, the lone fact of that is probably what makes me a bad writer, I'm not descriptive and am honestly amazed this even had the amount of reads this has, but the site/app has become nothing but a chore for me, I used to come on here all the time and read so many fun things, but every time I come on now I just feel like I HAVE to write a chapter, and it bugs me, none of this is because of you guys, but merely my own mental impulses telling me that it's not worth it.

Once again I just want to say sorry for my laziness, and that if you were enjoying this, please find something similar, and hopefully with more chapters, you can hate me for this if you want, but hey, it's my fault anyways, thanks for the support and let's just hope that I do come back, I tend to return to things if I work on another for long enough so you can only pray.

I'll try to see if I'm at least motivated to post every now and then but it'll be rare, possibly only once a fortnight.


From your unmotivated, lazy, and pathetic author, Logames05


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