Reincarnating in an MMORPG game
4 Chapter 4:I am a noble adventurer!
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Reincarnating in an MMORPG game
Author :LawsGod
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4 Chapter 4:I am a noble adventurer!

After I teleported to town, I was in front of a tall building . "Adventurer guild".

It was so big and gave a cold and chilly aura about it. Looking around me , i saw many peoples strolling around . Some of them were entering the building and some others were leaving.

The thing looked exactly like in animes and manga. I guess i should join the guild then?

Thinking for a bit i advanced forward entering the guild .

The guild was really spacious . There were many strong looking guys drinking booze and chatting together.

It looks like they didn't notice me entering. How rude hmph!

I advanced to the receptionist . At that time i saw a women wearing maid-like one piece costume so i immediately went to her

"hello, i am new here and i need your help with some questions. Can you help me please?"

'Well , can't help it…  I am still lvl 1 so i need to know my place and act politely for the moment'

"Yes, i am the receptionist here. Feel free to ask what you want"

"Ok thank you. I want to know how can i join guild?"

"it's simple. You just need to fill in this form here then you will get your identity card . After that you will have to do the quests to lvl your rank up"

"May i know what are the ranks ? "

"Sure . There a total of 8 ranks. From the strongest to the weakest they are S+ S A B C D E and F. You start as an F rank then after doing a definite amount of quests you can rank up as i said earlier."

" Thank you , got it . So i need to fill that form now "

I took the paper and a pencil and filled the form up. It was only basic information .

Name : Cmking

Class : noble

Age: 18

Pet : none

2nd job : none

Then i waited at the the waiting room for approximately 1 hour to take my identity card.

And beep . A system notification :

[ You have successfully completed a hidden quest <noble adventurer>

Reward : appraisal skill acquired

Lvl 1 skill books obtained

Blessing 3 unlocked : instant mastery

You are now a noble adventurer! ]

At that time, i knew how fucking op is a noble class. Even in the game it wasn't balanced.


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