Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate
27 『Fittings』
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Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate
Author :ZGearCecil
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27 『Fittings』

Jack reappeared in the hot springs level of the ninth floor which was filled with raising steam.

His eyes narrowed through the condensation, resting on a fair skinned teen who was laying on the cold stone floor with her legs still hanging inside of the pool of hot water. He could just make out a small smile across her lips as he made his way over to her.

Smirking to himself, he knelt down near her seeing as her eyes were partially closed whilst she was relaxing. "You seem to be having a good time," he lightly nudged her right breast.

Flinching slightly at this voice and the surprise touch, she her big brown eyes popped open and centered on his person. "Hello to you too," she blew cool air onto her face.

"Did Nemu ever join you?"

"Yes, she did. Haha... She really liked it, but she got dizzy so she got out. I am sure Teetle-san brought her back down to the city." Nodding to him, she would look to the sky above. It was so clear, it was unnatural.

"Good to know," Jack would run his hand along her abdomen, moving the collection of warm liquid across her skin.

Shifting under his hand nervously, "I think this is the longest I've ever relaxed in one day..."

Snickering at this, he raised a brow. "You've never sat down and just laid there before? Other than when you're sleeping?" He would then bend over her, on all fours, looming diagonally over her body. He curved his neck as he kept his eyes on her face.

That small smile on her face tugged to one side as she reached her hands up to cup his face.

Jack blinked a few times feeling those petite hands on his face, no one has touched his face since he had been here, except for when he kissed her before. And that was just lips.

His arms would scoop under her, and sit her up across his lap as he sat on the ground.

She gasped slightly, feeling herself being lifted, as the steamy air grazed against her cooling skin. The feeling almost made her shiver as she found herself nude and in his arms. She wasn't exacting this at all. Though as she looked in his eyes with her hands still on his face, she could see that this wasn't an act of admiration. He seemed... Curious, she couldn't really think of a word for what she felt in his gaze.

She was beginning to wonder what would happen if someone else were to set their eyes on her. Would he let her go, would he get in the way or he just using her for his own pleasure? Would he let her go if someone else tried to get in the picture?

A part of her was afraid for whoever tried, he was a dragon, he just just eat the competition.

She licked her lips in anticipation of finding the answer to this question eventually through his words. Enri though felt that it wasn't the right time to ask. It hadn't even been a week since she owed him pretty much everything including her life.

The entire village owed him their lives.

"Want to go for another round?"

"...I..." Squinting, her smile seemingly vanished as those words came out of his mouth. "I'm still sore, maybe tomorrow?" She didn't look smug as she said this, instead she brought back her plain printed smile across her lips that seemed to always belong.

Jack slowly nodded as he stood up from the spot, planning on carrying her like a princess.

Instinctively her hands dropped from his cheeks and her arms wrapped around his neck to stabilize herself in his grasp. "Warn me first, would you?" She jittered.

Shrugging lightly as he briefly her a centimeter up, in his arms, before walking towards the door of the hotsprings. "Your clothes should be clean and ready... I've also asked them to prepare you some new clothes, if you'd like to try them on."

Blinking up at him as he said this, even after she had denied him a second round, he had already had some things prepared for her while keeping her in ignorance.

"New clothes?"

"You're always wearing the one dress, so I prepared you some more." Jack pitched his head down slightly as he looked to her as she kept her arms draped around his neck loosely.

Lightly kicking her feet as she folded her lips into her mouth curiously, before letting them out with some more gloss. "That sounds nice..." She found herself leaning into his chest a bit, the heat itself had made her a bit light on the mind.

As he stepped out into the hallway, she immediately felt herself becoming cold and shivered.

Jack simpered happily as he made his way down the corridor and towards the fitting room. Entering a certain area of the ninth floor, there was what looked like a large workshop which had tools and equipment for manually crafting items such as clothes, armor and weapons.

All the while, Enri clung to him dearly for heat. Goosebumps were popping up all over her skin. She felt so cold and she was even chattering her teeth and trembling against him now.

When they entered the workshop, her eyes fluttered from one station to the next. Wonderful fabrics, massive bits of material. The smell of cement and even concrete reached her nose. Each area of the shop had a very unique scent as things were being worked on in every which direction.

"J-Jack I'm c-c-c-cold."
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"You'll be fine, just a little bit longer," Jack responded with apathy as he continued to walk with her held close to himself. Sharing as much body heat as he could with her through his clothes.

As they made it to the particular fitting station for clothes, Jack placed her down on the wooden stool before grabbing a plush towel and wiping her down, rubbing her skin warm.

By the time he was done, her hair was a fizy, but her skin was no longer sewn with goosebumps. Enri was also no longer tortured by the involuntary shivering as she had just moments ago.

Smiling favorably, she held her elbows as her arms were folded loosely over her petite chest.

"Sure you don't want to go another round?" Jack nudged her thigh with his index finger, though as he was asking, she could tell he was joking around. He then turned and walked over to multiple folded articles of clothing on a long bench.

Blinking at all the vibrant colors, which were mostly red yellows and blues, Enri was curious of what had been prepared for her.

Jack plucked a thin white cotton underdress from a pile and walked back over to her, pulling it down over her head. As it decorated her form, tightly and almost translucently, she hugged it to herself as it stuck to her skin.

"How is it so warm...?"

"The material itself is conditioned to stay at a certain temperature," Jack relayed with a light nod as he would then pick up a long blue pleated skirt and wrapped it around her waist before fastening it.

Swaying side to side on the stool, she looked over him with a glance or two before taking a gander at the skirt that lined her waist and cut off just above her toes. "It's soft..." She uttered as she hands grasped at the fabric. It was stretchy, flexible, like silk between her fingers.

"Water resistant too, though I'd stay away from fire when wearing it." Jack advised as he walked back over to the items and picked a white ruffled blouse with a high neck collar to put on her.

As he unbuttoned it and gestured for her to put her arms out, she followed instruction intently. The feeling of the fabric was alien to her due to the high quality. She was sure she'd be able to buy tens of villages with this set alone!

Her eyes followed him as he went to go grab another piece, her eyes hardly able to get any wider as her mouth formed into a straight line.

Excitement was there, shining in those brown hues. This was making her curious as well, was he going to use her as a dress up doll as well? Was he into that kind of thing... Dressing other people?

She watched as he walked over and held out a turtlenecked short blue poncho in soft, quality-knit fabric made from a wool and cashmere. The poncho was just long enough to cover her her breasts and upper-regions of the biceps of her arms.

As if bowing forward, she bent her body forward as he slipped it over her head, feeling the ever so soft and expensive fabric hug around her neck. As she stood up straight, she stared at him, blinking very few times as she touched the clothes that now adorned her like a Queen he had proclaimed she was meant to be.

Stars seemed to be appearing in her eyes, until the next thing he'd say would cause them to dim.

"We have some new people in the Village," Jack informed now that she was dressed and dry. "I was able to track down the perpetrators who had taken the villagers. I was too late for some of them, but I was able to save the majority."

Her lips parted hearing him report this to her directly and informally. Not that he seemed to be into the formal aspect of speaking. "I... I see..." She knew he wasn't perfect, but she was happy to know that he was able to get some of them back safely. "May... May I ask... Who was lost?"

"The Village Elder was seen dead outside of their base of operations. Looked as if he either tried to run, or they saw him as useless. It appeared to be a slaving operation."

"Ah..." She sighed as she stood stiff upon the stool. "Just him?"

Jack nodded and watched as her body loosened up, her eyes closing and her arms just dangling at her sides. "Are you alright?"

She nodded as she looked to the dress she was wearing. "Is it okay if I wear this outside?"

Jack raised a brow as if this was a rhetorical question, "Yes."

"Lets go collect your sister than, shall we?" He asked as he held out a hand for her to take.

Lifting her feet from the stool, she raised a brow.

"Right, shoes," Jack snickered as he got a pair of white cotton compression socks and a pair of reddish-brown shin-length leather boots with a tieable drawstring in the back to adjust the tightness.

Staring at the boots which were made out of all leather, including the sole and shaft, she blinked at them. She felt as if she was being spoiled now, she was just a village girl... but this... It was almost too much.

Balancing on one foot, she watched as Jack effortlessly slipped each sock around her feet and up her shins. They hugged her muscles and skin, compressing them tightly, but not outside of comfort. If anything they were more comfortable than going without woolen socks.

When he slipped those boots on her feet next, she could feel the stiffness of the leather as it wasn't used to the shape of her feet. A small grin formed over her lips as she then hopped off the stool, the leather soles making a singularly hard clack sound.

"I could work in these... They match the clay under the soil! Hah..."

Jack shrugged lightly, all she had to do was bring them back to get cleaned.

"Shall we go?" Jack offered his hand once more, causing her to flicker her gaze to his hand and then up to his face.

Parting her lips, at first without any expression, she would then smile and take his hand without any hesitation.


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