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Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate
Author :ZGearCecil
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8 『Scry』

Hours, if not a day, had gone by and his eyes fluttered open for him to take in his surroundings. He was surrounded by what appeared to be an illusionary miniature meadow in a twenty foot by twenty foot room. Long grass decorated the edges of the room, long necked colorful petaled flowers surrounding him and a blue natural born sky above him. There was even a sun far up above him.

Everything in the room, including the dresser and the wardrobe, even the bed he laid upon, looked to be made out of phyto-matter, plants.

This was Lala's room, a place that she always found solace in as the world outside the game was far what was perceived here. It was a calming place with its own ambient music box hidden away in the dresser by the door to the room.

A small smile remained on his lips as he remained there, not daring to move.

Leaning against the door, resting her eyes, was Anika. She didn't stop following him around, as he never dismissed her. So she decided to take a small nap whilst her master was sleeping.

Jack didn't mind one iota, not one bit. If anything her being there reminded him that this room was going to be empty should he leave. That if he were to leave, this soothing song would come to an end.

Depressing these thoughts were, and he purged them from his mind rather quickly, the moment he sat up. Closing his eyes, he took in a large breath, puffing up his chest as he did so before releasing it.

Entirely relaxed, his eyes drifted around the room, looking at the actresses personal belongings. There were plenty of things out of place on the phyto-matter dresser and even on the bed such as stuffed endless animals and an abundance of holographic photos of herself.

Her avatar was based on her own appearance, as one of the agencies she worked for, actually had her use this game as a promotion. Yet even after the promotion was over, she continued to play for a longer period of time.

Lala, or Megumin, had short dark black hair and dark green eyes. Her avatar wore a strange dark blue double breasted military tunic over matching slacks and a pair of combat boots with a flat topped peaked cap. She looked similar to Kino from the hundred year old anime called Kino no Tabi.

Her attire was much less sophisticated than the Honor Guard, but it was extreme high leveled in the sense that it was indeed Divine Class.

Letting these thoughts back into his head, he let out a huff before slipping off the side of the bed. Closing his eyes slightly hearing the crunch of the fake grass beneath his booted feet.

He had only been in her room once before, when he had waited for her to come on after a studio shot so they could go do a dungeon together. She never showed and he ended up falling asleep in-game.
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When he did wake up though, it was morning and she was holding his head in her lap.

That very day, he knew how she felt about him, yet he didn't let it get any further.

Now as he thought about it, even for a minute longer, he was beginning to think of himself as a coward. Yes, he knew he would hurt her, but who didn't hurt other people? He could've taken the risk, but there was no changing that now. At least as far as he thought… It was hard to believe she would be in this world, let alone here in this castle without having shown herself.

If she was in this world, he'd have to explore it thoroughly.

If she wasn't in this world though, the focus on finding her would simply drain him and allow him to succumb to disappointment. The idea of succumbing to that dissatisfied him.

The only thing he could do, is enjoy himself. If he happened to find her, or to find happiness, that is what he will do. That was the only thing that made sense. To keep moving forward until he is nipped in the rear by the past.

Taking in a deep breath, Jack stood by the door now, looking at Anika as she was breathing shallowly. Her head leaning against the door, its frame pressing through her hair and into her scalp.

He smiled wickedly seeing her asleep in a standing position.

"Anika, having a nice sleep?" He'd ask quietly as he leaned in close to her face, whispering into her ear like that of a slippery snake.

Almost immediately the woman jumped, hitting her head up against the frame. "Oi!"

Jack snickered seeing this and shook his head, his wicked smile would fade from his lips as he pressed the door open and made his way out into the corridor.

Anika, rubbing her head, followed him out as the door would close behind them. "Sorry Jack-sama, if I have disappointed you by my actions. I surely regr--"

"No, no it's fine." Jack cut her off as he glanced over at her, shaping her up for a moment. An impure thought coming to mind, regarding his idea of having a good time in this world.

"I… I see," Anika's eyes shifted over his own, curious of the gaze he was giving her. If it was anyone else but one of the creators, she might've tried to kill him. Instead, she felt flattered and honored, due to her origin.

Yet as he was, his gaze left her as he turned his head to look down the corridor towards his room. He didn't go towards it or try to enter it.

Unlike Lala's room, his was a dark place. It didn't look like the embodiment of nature. It had the architecture of a modern room with a false night sky that was dotted with thousands of stars.

However the one thing that was in his room that most didn't, was a Jukebox. It was filled with music from the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty first centuries. His entire collection. Another item in the room however that boasts wanders was the Ever Mirror of Changing, a World Item, that allowed the user to change their appearance without the use of single-use cosmetic items. Ultimately it also allowed the customization of clothes and items in view of the mirror.

Using the Guild Ring, he teleported the both of them down to the Castle Plaza, in front of the closed front gate. His eyes traveled along the City the instant they arrived.

"It's practically cleaned up already..." He narrowed his eyes on Honor Guards and other procedurally generated NPCs from inside the castle who were wandering about through the city. "How long did everyone work on this?"

"It's likely the entire time you were asleep, Jack-sama," Anika observed aloud as she watched Silva make her way up the steps to the young man and the girl.

"Good Morning Jack-sama!" Her eyes darted up and down Jack for a moment before looking to Anika, then back to their supreme leader. "Did you sleep well?"

"Hm," Jack nodded when she inquired how well he slept, "I slept well."

The woman would smile wonderfully, her sharp teeth visible for all to see for the moment until she regained her composure. "We've found some untapped mineral deposits in the surrounding areas," she began to report the findings she was tasked with. "However some of them are inhabited by the Goblins, ogres and other lesser pests." She didn't even bother to call them races, but pests instead.

"I see… For the time being, lets leave them alone, but keep watch over them. Until we have fathomed the rest of this world, it's not a good idea to make ourselves known. Even though what I've briefly seen, we don't have to fear the average person." Jack's words were met with loyal looks of approval and nods of understanding.

"The Automaton Production Plant is almost ready to begin production. The resources needed have been salvaged… Based on the material we have, Toma has estimated that we'd be able to build well over a thousand units."

Jack nodded at this, seeing as they could make thousands of disposable soldiers capable of doing practically endless amounts of ranged damage with magic guns. Though he was rather curious, how easy or hard would it be to level them in this world? He only had so few power suits available for immediate use.

He walked over towards the edge of the plaza, brushing past Silva as he stood at the top of the flight of stairs leading downward.

Silva blinked and followed on over beside him with her hands folded in front of herself.

Anika did the same, though her arms were folded behind her back, her hands grasping at her forearms.

"For the time being, lets not begin production until we learn more about this world. We might need the resources allocated for other things." Jack said with a light nod before looking in the direction of the plant. "However I would like to see if the technology seen at the plant can be replicated and used for the production of different goods."

"I suggest having Toma work on this as he is a Craftsman and an Engineer." Silva suggested, only to see Jack nod in acknowledgement for a go ahead.

Silva then smirked to herself, taking the nod as not only acknowledgement, but also praise.

Jack watched as she left the Plaza and made her way to the plant where the other Floor Guardian was located. His eyes then darted on over to the small entrance fo the East of the castle.

He wanted to go outside, but he needed to check with Teetle and Doodle first. They must have much more information waiting for him now, right? Jack turned towards the castle and quickly strode on inside with due haste.

It wasn't long before he came across their little workspace, both of them were looking at a pair of Mirrors of Remote Viewing.

His eyes flexed slightly, one of them was watching the village and using a sensory organ to look inside the buildings. That'd be Doodle, as he was being thorough and following Jack's orders.

His gaze then traced on over to the mirror in front of Teetle. A brow raised as he was looking at a market of a vast fortress city. There were people of all shapes, sizes and even colors.

There were no goblins, no ogres, no beast-men nor those one would consider a pest. However there was also a severe lack of elves and dwarves. The majority however were humans and based on his first glance, they weren't much of a threat either.

The humans looked to be below the level of recognition, they were in his eyes, immediately labelled as newbs. Players who probably haven't even passed the tutorial yet!

Clicking his tongue, both of the skeleton brothers glanced over at him.

"Jack-sama, it is a pleasure to see you." They didn't take their eyes or hands away from the mirrors for too long as they were collecting data. "Is there anything you are wanting to know?"

"What's the name of the City you're looking at?"

"This is E-Rantel, it is the closest population center within the territory of the Re-Estize Kingdom so it is called." Teetle reported casually as if it meant nothing. "There's an Adventurer's Guild that acts as a mercenary help system of some kind, and a Merchants Guild which practically controls their broken economy." The tone of voice being used now was definitely looking down on them, in both the literal and figurative sense.

"Adventurer's Guild..." Jack ignored the word of a broken economy for the first moment, taken in by the idea of Adventurers. Though the idea of them selling their services to others wasn't all that bad, he was pretty sure they could be useful somewhere else.

"So the broken economy?"

"Based on preliminary snooping," Teetle tittered at his own use of the word snooping, "the nobility of the country are excessively corrupt and engage in illicit affairs which have been recently outlawed."

It was clear they had both been using sensory organs to see both inside buildings, and to hear individual conversations. Especially since Jack could hear them from where he was standing, though just faintly.

Jack would place a hand over his mouth as he thought for a moment, only to lower it soon after. "I want information on all the Guilds, but specifically a roster of the Adventurer's Guild and how it operates." His eyes ventured over towards Doodle, before traveling back to Teetle.

"It will be as you command," Teetle would bow his head towards Jack, without necessarily looking at him, as he went back to scrying the now specified indicated targets.


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