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-1 Definitions for strangely used words
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-1 Definitions for strangely used words

Fork: noun. an utensil with two or more extrusions used for stabbing and lifting food? Yes. Probably.


Fork: verb. To enter a state resembling a fork.

For example.

Short-version: 'Go fork yourself.'

Translating into context: 'Please raise your hands to make a fork pose. Thank you for your collaboration.'


Fork: interjection. An expression of surprise, annoyance, anger, or happiness.

Similar to the word 'barnacle' in the show <Spongey Blob>.

Example in context: "Oh fork! Fork me... Forking fork fork! Forking~!"


Forking: adjective. 1. describes an noun that resembles a fork. 2. interchangeable with the word - very.

''1. This is a forking tree! It looks like a fork!"

"2. This forker is forking amazing! He is very good at making forks!"


Forker: noun. A well-trained, highly-capable, certified technician who can turn any material into a fork.


Fork U: a fork with two extrusions, forming a U shape

Fork W: a fork with three extrusions, forming a W shape

Fork U two: a fork with four extrusions, forming a U.U shape


Sheet: noun. a rectangular piece of material

Example: 'Ah sheet. That little piece of sheet. About ten inches long. Have you seen it?'


Sheet: verb. The process of making sheets.

'Can you stop sheeting? I have enough of sheets. Thanks.'


Bulksheet: noun. an uncut sheet of material produced in a manufacturing plant.

'This is bulksheet!'


Bulksheet: verb. The process of making bulksheet.

'He is bulksheeting every day. This here, is the job of an average bulksheet machine operator.'

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Batch: noun. A quantity of materials processed under the same time, using the same processing equipment.

Example. 'That little batch.'


Batch: verb. Putting things into the same group.

Example. 'Oh. Just stop batching. We have more important things to do.'


Ash: noun. A dry residue left from burning something.

Example: 'Wuuuu... Look at that! That is some nice ash.'


Ash Show: noun. A show held annually everywhere to display different types of ash.

Example. 'We don't like ash shows! Nobody likes ash shows!'


Dam: noun. A barrier used to hold water and raise the water level.

Example. 'Dam! Spot on! That's exactly how we generate electricity here!'


Dam: verb. To construct a damn.

'This stream is dammed! Now it is turning into a pond!'


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