My Soul Will Find Yours
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My Soul Will Find Yours
Author :YouAreStellar
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Hello, my dear nasties!

Happy November!

As promised, I will be announcing my decision to either stay or officially transfer to Wattpad today.

After careful consideration, I have decided to leave Webnovel and continue publishing MSWFY and my future works in Wattpad.

I would like to personally thank AZENED and MANDYLOVELLE for helping me make the decision. This wasn't an easy thing for me because I will definitely miss my nasties here. However, I can't bear to continue watching my work being copied and "shared" by other websites any more.

Wattpad, although a bit confusing to use at first, has very good security features. I don't care if the story of Kaname and Hinata will be "drowned" in the thousands of existing works there (as what one concerned nasty pointed out), what's important is that their story will be respected and read in a website that will protect it. MSWFY isn't my first* novel but that doesn't mean I won't be fiercely protective of it.

As of writing, I already have 120 followers on Wattpad that I know will be reading my works there. If you're one of them, thank you so much for being a true blue nasty! I am very grateful for your loyalty! ♡

Everyone, thank you for all the memories you've given me here in Webnovel. They will be forever etched in my smut-loving kokoro but it's imperative that I ensure my work's security.

Let's make new ones in Wattpad! Aside from reading my works there, you may send me private messages and write on my wall! More interactions between us, right!?

Thanks for understanding my decision. 😊

I hope to see y'all there!


Head Nasty Stellar ✨

* I've actually written a vampire trilogy that may be purchased in Amazon and select bookstores in North America. Don't ask me for the titles, I can't publicize my real name due to a rule my current employer has: we can't have part time jobs (although I don't earn from writing MWSFY, I might still get in trouble!).


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