In another world with Broly's Body
5 Entrance Exam - Part 2
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In another world with Broly's Body
Author :BrolyM
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5 Entrance Exam - Part 2

'System, I never asked that but what is this talent? 'Isaac inquired, confused.

[The higher your talent, the faster you will learn techniques or cultivate]

[The Talent of the body is divided into: Human, Disaster, Nirvana, Earth, Sky, Immortal and Divine]

[His talent was Immortal before, but external sources sealed his talent, which eventually returned to Heaven. But with the system, you can reach even the Divine. They are also divided into three levels]

'Hmm, if I find out who did it, I'll kill that person. 'Isaac thought, unhappy to get his talent out.

"The minimum passing requirements are, Xiantian Realm practitioners and a level Nirvana talent." The Elder spoke while analyzing all participants.

"Everyone take a number from the box, and wait for your number." The Elder spoke, pointing in the middle of the stage, where there was a black box with an opening above. It was not long before the 100 participants took their numbers and returned to their seats.

'Number 98, Huh. 'Isaac thought as he looked at his paper with the number 98.

"That's the General's son, I'm sure he'll pass the test."

"Yes, I heard that he is already a Disaster Realm practitioner, his name is Bluyr if I am not mistaken."

"That is the princess of the sword, she already has the smaller domain of the sword."

Some viewers were commenting as they waited for the tests to begin.

"Number one, please." The Elder spoke, sitting up and looking at a boy, who got up and reached the front of the glass.

"You just have to put your hand in and that's it," the Elder said quietly.

The Boy did as the Elder spoke, then the crystal glowed with a blue light and some information appeared.

(Cultivation: 4th level of Xiantian Realm)

(Talent: 1st level of Disaster Body)

(Lineage: None)

"Disapproved." The Elder spoke calmly.

The boy then looked sad as he went downstairs and left.

The Elder kept calling all the participants, until the person who had the lineage arrived.

"Number 18." The Elder spoke, looking at the girl from before, who had a lineage.

The Girl with black eyes and hair put her hand on the crystal, which then glowed in a green light.

(Cultivation: 6th Level of Disaster Realm)

(Talent: 1st Level of Earth Body)

(Lineage: Fairy)

"Fairies line ?!" The Elder asked in surprise, then he was happy when he continued: "You passed."

All the spectators knew a little about the history of the fairies and were surprised, this included the disciple of the Elder, the Empress and the Saint of the sword. While Isaac had a calm expression.

"What's your name, girl ?!" the Elder asked happily.

"Bianca," Bianca said, bending toward the Elder, who nodded in satisfaction.




After some commotion and some celebration of certain people, the exams continued until the time of the young person who had the lineage.

"Number 50." He called the Elder.

Soon the young man walked to the crystal and put his hand on it, which shone brightly like the girl, with a different one this time, was gray.

(Cultivation: 5th Level of Disaster Realm)

(Talent: 3rd Level of Nirvana Body)

(Lineage: Black Elf)

"Black elf and I thought that race was extinct," the Elder whispered in amazement.

Everyone in the crowd was shocked and began to murmur things like, "This year has many geniuses." or "This generation will overcome the past, for sure."

The name of this boy was Eru, a very mysterious person, who recently came to the Asgarr empire.




It was almost Isaac's turn, on the way many people had been disapproved and there were only 30 people left, this included some young men and girls. the Princess of the Sword who surprised everyone with her cultivation, being a 10th level of Disaster Realm practitioner, and a shocking talent: 3rd level of Earth Body.

"Number 98." He called the Elder as he looked at Gold's disciple.

"Is your disciple all you said, Gold?" Asked the Holy of Sword, looking at Gold who was at his side.

"He's very strong, you'll see," Gold whispered, smiling.

"Huh, I want to see this," the Elder said, smiling.

Isaac walked to the front of the crystal and put his hand on it, at first nothing occurred.

"What happened, is he so weak that he has no cultivation?" Asked Dalia Phoenix as she smiled at Isaac's disgrace.

"That's not it ..." the Elder whispered as he frowned at his disciple.

[Has a magic artifact wishing to visualize your Culture, Talent, and Lineage]

[Allow, block or edit]

'I do not need to fear anything, I have a pillar that is immortal and soon I will be the strongest of this world to allow. Isaac thought, smiling.

Soon the crystal began to tremble, while a green smoke came out of the crystal.

* Crack * Crack *

The crystal began to crack, while the green smoke continued to come out ... Soon, some information appeared, while the green smoke came out and the crystal remained all broken.

(Cultivation: 1st level of Nirvana Realm)

(Talent: 1st Level of Sky Body)

(Lineage: Unknown)

"What ?!" shouted the shocked Elder, as did the Phoenix Dahlia, the Holy of Sword, and even the Empress who was quiet had an expression of surprise.

'Hmm, your talent is really incredible, as I imagined. ' Gold though, happy with his choice.

"Who is this boy ?!"

"I do not know, but he has incredible talent."

"Yes, if I am not mistaken, he came with that man who is on the side of the Saint of the Sword and the Empress, correct?"

The Spectators were commenting, while many were shocked and the rest surprised, with this crop, it could be considered one of the 300 strongest of this empire.

"Nirvana Realm, Sky Body and an unknown lineage? How can this, Gold, who is this boy ?!" asked the Elder, as he looked at Gold with a serious expression.

"This is my disciple, Broly ... I'm just going to say this, hehe!" Gold smiled as he looked proud.

"You have to tell who this boy is, Gold ... or I'll force him to speak." The Sword Saint spoke, looking at Gold with arrogance and releasing some of his aura.

Only the aura of the Holy of Sword, made the heavens shut in black clouds, many claps of thunder rumble and the ground tremble strongly. Many people in the audience were fainting one after another, that was the case with competitors as well, it seemed to have thousands of Qi swords in Heaven itself.

"You dare to release your aura in my empire," whispered the Empress, her voice cool and majestic. Soon many ice floes began to fall, freezing the Holy body of the sword in the chair, leaving only his head out.

"You're going to hide behind a woman, Gold you coward," said the Holy of Sword, with a serious expression.

"Make no mistake, I just did not release my aura ... because this world could be destroyed in the process," Gold said as he whipped toward the sky, making a strong wind roar and all the black clouds that were gathered, dispersed.

Gold then looked at the frozen body of the Holy of Sword and his eyes seemed to shine, when all the ice in his body began to melt rapidly until the Holy of Sword felt an infernal heat.

'E-It melted all my ice, just with one look ... how strong you really are, Grandpa. 'The Empress thought, surprised.

"Please sir, do not kill my father, I will take responsibility for it," said the Princess of the Sword, appearing near Gold. his black eyes staring at Gold earnestly, his blond hair swaying in the wind, usually very much like the Holy of Sword.

"You have a very good daughter, a pity you are horrible ... Never ask Broly again, or I will kill you for real." Gold spoke, removing the Holy One's eyes from the sword and throwing some of his sword intent on the direction of the Holy of Sword.

'O-What is this intent of the sword ... damn, I am the Holy of Sword, but this bastard has the intention of the sword much stronger than mine. 'Thought the Saint of the Sword, shocked.

But what the Sword Saint did not know was that it was only 1% of Gold's sword intention, and if Gold sent only 3% of it, the Sword Saint would probably die.

"Since all the conflicts have been resolved, we will continue with the exams, only two more are missing." The Elder spoke as he called the next numbers, which unfortunately were far from being seen, probably ran so fearfully.




"C-Run, these people are very strong, let's tell our Emperor to give up invading this empire." A man whispered, with an expression of fear, in his pocket had a paper with the number 99.

"Y-Yes." Another man replied, with the number 100 paper in his pocket.

These two were the last contestants of the sect examination, and also two spies, who were sent by one of the rival empires, to watch over both the Asgarr empire and the Red Cloud Sept.


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