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Hate life, change it, go back, KAYLEE
Author :SweetUnnie
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It's been a month and weeks after she transmigrated. She somehow finds some stories that she never heard before. She also started to makes some plan to destroy her half sister's scheme against her. She also secluded herself to read those thick books about histories and stuff need for a crown princess like her should know.

In her castle, King Lincoln looks worn out. It seems he was tired. He sits one of the family's living rooms luxurious couched.

"Give me a tea." He ordered his personal servant. When the servant left, Kaylee went closer to the current King –her stepfather.

"Father, you look so tired. You need to get enough sleep." She worriedly said as she hugs her father who dotes on her.

Her stepfather sighs. "I also think why my precious princess wants to hug me now? Do you need something? You can always ask someone and they will immediately follow your orders. Everything is always under your control too." He softly replied to her in whisper.

"Dad, am I really the next Queen?" She subconsciously questioned her father even though this is very rude to ask this kind of question to the king even if you are his daughter. However, he didn't get mad but instead he felt delighted.

"You really wanted to become a Queen? Like your mother?" He excitedly asked. He was waiting for this. We were waiting for this girl to be interested in the Queen's position. This is one of his 'goal' before he die, to make this girl who has great talents in ruling even at a young age to seat in high position.

That's why he titled her as a 'Crown Princess', the next 'Queen' in line.

Now that the Queen is already passed away long time ago, she can change her titled as a 'Crown Princess' to 'Queen' sooner or later.

That's why he is eager to teach her everything he wanted to teach her about ruling a kingdom.

"Yes! Oh, I am sorry father. I forgot that to question... this is rude especially to you –the king itself. P-please punish this princess." She suddenly stands up and bowed 90 degree to him.

The King only laughed out loud in amusement.

"There is no need. You are a crown princess after all. That is not rude. Even without questioning anyone, you will know already based on the titled I gave you." He pats the crown princess head lightly.

"Since your Academy only has MWF school days, you will follow me TTHS and Sunday will be your rest day. Is that fine with you?" He asked.

With her shining bright eyes, he can tell she is excited to explore the world. She giggled endlessly after she nodded to him.

He can't help but smile to his daughter.

"Then, if I will follow you dad, I will be your personal servant from now on. I will be the one who will to take care of you." This time, the king choked. He can't believe a princess wanted to be a servant?

"D-darling, y-you can't say that. You are the respected crown princess, you will not going to be a servant of mine." He patted his own chest in the sudden shocked of realization.

"Then, if you don't want. How about as your daughter? Leave the title alone. I also wanted to experience being a simple girl." She sincerely said.

Her stepfather thinks deeply until she understood the hidden words in her speech.

She wanted to...to...to... to live as a simple girl and her identity?!

"You... You can't do that. You will die in there if you do that!" He nervously said. His wife was being harassed and almost been raped when she hid her identity and act as a simple girl, that's outrageous!

He will not going to let that happened but is this a perfect chance?

"In one condition, you will be crown as a Queen next month and within a month you will stay with me to learn everything about ruling a kingdom such as how to face danger and how to fix a cunning, complicated situation. Is that a deal?" He asked.

She smile sweetly but deep in her heart, she was planning.

This King sure knows how to find the deeper meaning of her daughter's words.


Within one month, she needs to grasp everything in order. She needs to maintain her studies and her additional learning.

The next day, she was about to go to school when she saw her halfsister in the corner talking with somebody in the phone.

She quietly walks to her side so that she can hear to what she is talking to.

"I know, I know. Tomorrow night, you are allowed to come to my room... Yes... Of course... No one will know that we are having in a relationship."

In a relationship? It's that mean she is talking to Minho?

She smirks and listens in their conversations. She will definitely find her revenge. Revenge is all she wants, after all.

She slips and went back to her bedroom. She removes her gown and massages her shoulders. She looks at herself in the mirror. There she saw her reflection. She has a long golden hair that reaches her waist. She has blue eyes but when she stared her eyes carefully, she can see a hint of color violet. Her eyes are round and big. It makes her adorable. She has a kissable pinkish lips but she felt that her lips is started to dry. She wet her lips and smile. She has pointed nose but when you look closely, it has the hint of flat nose. Her nose looks pointed but when you look closely, it is unique. It is perfect for her face. Her face is kind of round but there is still a hint of oval shape face. She looks at her own skin color. Her skin is white as pure as a pearl. She is now wearing a simple white dress that makes her looks like an angel.

"To be this young is surprisingly good." She whispered.

"Kaylee, being young is good of course and since tomorrow will be your birthday, I will show you my gift after your party is over." Yuna happily said.

Kaylee smile stiffens. She remembers that day when Yuna died mercilessly. She hugs Yuna and carries her. "Yuna, always stay besides me. Do not stay away from me. Your limit is only 1 foot." She worriedly said. She did not want to happen that ever again!

Yuna looks at Kaylee's serious and worried face. She can't help but feel happy and touch.

"I will not going to repeat what I did in the past. Yuna, always remember to not be captivated by anything." Kaylee hates the innocent her, she wanted to be smart, talented, and someone who cannot trample easily with. She will achieve that dream someday.


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