Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
1108 Overpowering Sonar Wave
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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Author :Yao Ye
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1108 Overpowering Sonar Wave


She Fei came dashing from afar as he locked on to the Willing Heart Shield at the entrance of the room that Jiang Yi and Yin Ruobing were in. He formed his Heaven Wheel of Ruin and harshly launched it at the Willing Heart Shield. A loud explosion rang out. The Willing Heart Shield was instantly reduced to smithereens while the restrictions to the room were also flickering incessantly. The massive impact shook Jiang Yi and Yin Ruobing's garments and forced the two back five feet closer to the wall.

"Bitch, Yin Ruobing, you bitch. You actually gave yourself to this bastard Jiang Yi and in such a place? The Yin Clan's face has all been lost by you. Don't even think about committing suicide; even if you killed yourself, I will r*pe your corpse!"

She Fei swore with rage. He was angry at Yin Ruobing's lack of self-love, furious that an absolutely stunning beauty had lost her chastity, and regretful of his actions two hours ago. If he had killed Jiang Yi sooner and captured Yin Ruobing, the Fragrant Lady Race's essence yin would be his. Such a perfect body would also be his to enjoy.


Yin Ruobing was not the slightest angry. With her face mocking She Fei, she walked out of the room calmly and stood on top of the ground full of corpses. Her hair was no longer worn like that of a young lady but was now in a bun that was raised high. It was the hairstyle of a woman.

She looked at She Fei with disdain and said, "She Fei, look at yourself. Once you discard your shiny and sleek appearance and status, you will know how dirty and disgusting your inner self is. If you were born the same as Jiang Yi, who knows where you might be now, being a slave for which family? How can you compare to Jiang Yi? Without the status of the She Clan, you are even less than a dog. Such an inferior person like you wants to woo Big Sister Chan? You are out of your league and punching above your weight! I feel sorry for you…"


Yin Ruobing's heartless verbal barrage hurt She Fei. He was so angry that he spat out fresh blood. His aura was like that of a dragon as he madly formed the Heaven Wheel of Ruin again. He yelled, "Yin Ruobing, you bitch. Die, die!"

"Haha, I do not need you to lift a finger. Your hands are too dirty. How can I—Yin Ruobing—die by your hand?"

Yin Ruobing was extremely at peace. She did not even look at She Fei and also ignored the Heaven Wheel of Ruin that was near formation. She turned and looked at Jiang Yi, seated comfortably in the room. She revealed a sweet smile and softly murmured, "To the man I love the most, farewell forever."


At this moment, Jiang Yi's eyes suddenly opened wide, filled with brilliant radiance. The moment he opened them, a lightning bolt seemed to flash by. His mouth also had a nefarious charming arc as he looked at Yin Ruobing with gentleness in his eyes. He said, "Ruobing, I do not want to bid farewell to you. I want to grow old with you and have a bunch of kids!"


Jiang Yi slapped the floor with one of his hands, and his body shot up. At the same time, he brought Yin Ruobing into the room. A flexible sword appeared in his hand, and it started to dance crazily. He looked at She Fei calmly and said, "She Fei, you are not yet qualified to kill my woman. That time in the Purgatory Ruin, I could break your leg; today, I can kill you easily, too!"


Before speaking, Jiang Yi's eyes had turned blood red. His black hair had also turned red, flaying about. He had released his Massacre Intent and a killing aura that was a few times more menacing than before also emanated forward. That killing aura had been actualized, and so was the sounds the flexible sword was making. The sound had become streams of sonar waves. Like the ripples on the surface of a lake, the Massacre Intent had fused with the sonar waves, surging forward like a tide.

How fast could sound travel?

She Fei's Heaven Wheel of Ruin had formed and had even flown out a few hundred feet. However, when the sonar wave surged forth, the Heaven Wheel of Ruin actually disintegrated in mid-air.


Peeping out from the room, Yin Ruobing saw the scene unfold and was stunned. She then saw that She Fei was actually hugging his head and screaming out weirdly; she could not believe what she was seeing.

It was obvious!

She Fei had fallen into the trap. His soul spirit was being assaulted and was so messed up that he couldn't control his Heaven Wheel of Ruin. Hence, the wheel had collapsed. Any type of dao pattern attack had to be controlled with one's thoughts, or it would not be sustainable. What Yin Ruobing could not understand was that as a Demigod, She Fei had a god spirit; his soul spirit was also definitely stronger than a low-grade Demigod. How did Jiang Yi do this? How did he manage to affect She Fei's soul spirit?


Jiang Yi roared as his body rushed forward. From his other hand came an unending gush of astral winds that formed astral wind blades, furiously chopping towards She Fei. The flexible sword in his left hand never stopped dancing; streams of sonar waves were gushing like a tide, wave after wave and assaulting She Fei's soul spirit!

The sonar wave was so strong that one would be knocked down to the ground.

"Ah! Ah!"

She Fei's weird shouts as he hugged his head also didn't stop. His body was also twisting in mid-air, his face full of shock and fear. His eyes were already turning blood-red. She Fei was like a weak young lady who had seen a ghost or an ordinary person who was facing an ancient beast; that expression was very exaggerated, the extreme level of fear.

In reality…!

Jiang Yi's Divine Sound Heaven Skill had that very effect at this moment; his Massacre Intent had leveled up.

The Massacre Intent was a very terrifying thing. Jiang Yi had used it on the Stellarsky Continent to kill a bunch of martial experts. Under the oppression of the Massacre Intent, normal martial artists had no way to resist it; they could only wait and die.

It was a pity.

The Massacre Intent only had five stages. Towards the end, Jiang Yi could not use it anymore; it was not effective against martial experts. Hence, he had attempted to fuse the Massacre Intent into the Divine Sound Heaven Skill. On the way to Mystic Thearch City, he had been finding a way to create a piece that would perfectly bind the Massacre Intent and the Divine Sound Heaven Skill!

Yin Ruobing's body contained a type of romantic charm. However, it wasn't a dao pattern presence and also wasn't a dao pattern. It was the presence of a type of intent.

As time was running out, Jiang Yi did not manage to completely understand this romantic charm. He also didn't know how to use its power. At last, he thought of the simplest and most effective way: adding the Massacre Intent to the romantic charm. As long as his Massacre Intent could increase a tier, the power of his Divine Sound Heaven Skill would be amplified immensely. He would then have the ability to spar with She Fei.

Evidently, Jiang Yi had succeeded!

She Fei had fallen into the trap. While his Blood Thearch Armor could defend his physical body and soul spirit, it could not block the Divine Sound Heaven Skill. Indeed, She Fei's soul spirit was very strong; and he also had a god spirit. However, he had only just broken through to become a Demigod; his soul spirit had not stabilized yet. Jiang Yi's Massacre Intent had been amplified by the romantic charm; its power had doubled. Furthermore, its power had increased ten-fold after being perfectly infused into the Divine Sound Heaven Skill. Its power was mortifying.

Before his Massacre Intent had grown by another tier, Jiang Yi's Divine Sound Heaven Skill could already affect She Fei. That it could utterly suppress She Fei now was also not that surprising.

Bang, bang, bang!

The astral wind blades fiercely chopped at She Fei's body. The ten astral wind blades worked in concert, heavily smashing She Fei's body onto the ground, carrying with them a group of zombie soldiers. They finally struck a wall and rebounded.

However, the Blood Thearch Armor was too powerful; even under such a ferocious attack, the Blood Thearch Armor did not even have a single tear. She Fei had only spat out some fresh blood due to the violent shaking and rocking.


The ferocious and deadly sonar waves continued to reverberate, once again suppressing She Fei who had just woken up. Jiang Yi flew towards She Fei like a wild dragon, his astral wind blades continuing to slash at She Fei. He coldly shouted, "She Fei, I would like to see how many attacks you can resist. You will die here today!"


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