Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife
Chapter 1236 – Ye Wu Chen’s fury Part 4
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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1236 – Ye Wu Chen’s fury Part 4

Zhou Min opened her eyes and called out with a shaky voice, “Yu Er, I…”

“Shut up! You aren’t worthy to call me as such!”

Xiao Yu looked at Zhou Min. Her eyes no longer had her usual respect and awe. It solely brimmed with hatred…

“Since you weren’t willing to recognize me as your daughter the moment we reunited, I won’t recognize you now. You got to know that you have ruined your daughter’s future!”

Every woman had their vanity…

It was especially so for Xiao Yu’s case as she grew up being bullied by several people since young. Her vanity was much stronger than others…

Currently, she didn’t in the slightest try to think in Zhou Min’s shoes that reached to their current predicament. She could only think that Zhou Min was the one that messed up her life…

If she knew Zhou Min was her biological Mother, why would she be jealous of Qian Ye’s identity?

Zhou Min’s body stiffened. She didn’t expect that the return after revealing this matter was Xiao Yu’s hatred…

“I’m sorry. I had ruined your life. If I had a second chance, I definitely wouldn’t have abandoned you as revenge against that man.”

Zhou Min placed pressure over her bleeding stump as she stood up from the ground. Her face was terrifyingly pale. She staggered for a while as if she could fall at any moment…

“Ye Wu Chen, I will take you down with me!”

‘This is the only way for me to have the slightest chance to fight for my daughter’s survival…’


A tyrannical force burst forth from Zhou Min’s body. Following that, she charged toward Ye Wu Chen with all her might without a care. Her expression revealed her intention to face death with equanimity…

Nonetheless, the man didn’t make any reaction to her aggressive attack…

Boundless black flames floated in Ye Wu Chen’s surrounding the instant Zhou Min neared him.


The flames enveloped Zhou Min…


Zhou Min shrieked heart-wrenchingly under the intense pain. Her voice could make anyone feel their blood run cold. Yet, Xiao Yu, who was seeing this scene played before her, was expressionless…

“Yu… Yu Er…”

Zhou Min stretched her hand toward the woman behind her when she was on the brink of death. She seemed to want to grab hold of something. Her eyes were filled with reluctance and guilt. Her lips were moving as though she was trying to convey her guilt…

Xiao Yu gradually shut her eyes.

She had mixed feelings at the moment.

She hated Zhou Min wasn’t due to her initial abandonment but due to her not using the identity as her Mother to be her backer within the academy.

However, Zhou Min had alway been protecting her within the academy after all. In the end, she was whole-heartedly willing to give up her life for her…

Zhou Min looked at Xiao Yu with despair and sorrow. Her body slowly cremated under the might of the flames, vanishing from within the room.

When the breeze blew past, it scattered her ashes everywhere…

Xiao Yu opened her eyes and looked coldly at Ye Wu Chen.

“Even though Master had erred, it should be the academy to decide her punishment! You had overstepped your rights as a disciple! Of course, if you let me off, I’m willing to help you absolve this matter.”

Ye Wu Chen swept a gaze at Xiao Yu. With a sinister cold sneer, he commented, “I really feel pity for your Master. The person she tried to protect with her life would choose to use her death to protect herself in the end…”

“She had done that whole-heartedly!” Xiao Yu looked coldly at Ye Wu Chen as she rebuked, “Master had given up her life for me. I must survive then. If Master was alive, she would have supported my decision…”

‘No matter what, I won’t admit I am greedy for life and scared of death…’

Ye Wu Chen sneered as he walked toward Xiao Yu. His grandeur surged forth at that instant. A gale rose, circling the surroundings of the man’s robes…

“Anyone that is delusional in trying to harm her must die!”


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