Emperor system
6 Latent Sun Body
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Emperor system
Author :kingsaitama
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6 Latent Sun Body

Julian looked at Sear with confusion but also a glint of light in his eyes appeared for second scanning his son seeing nothing unusual he looked at his son again and smiled and said

"I like your ambition it seems you have changed in a matter of 1 month since I was in cultivation but don't think that becoming a prince is that easy of a title to get hehe if not I could have had that title long ago" He smiled at his son before looking up in the sky and back at Sear and saying

"we first need you to get a weapon so that you can at least defend yourself in the future," He said as he took out a Halberd from his spatial ring which could hold objects without weight affecting it.

"Here is my gift to you since you can officially be called a cultivator since you are activating your body I wonder what body my son even possesses. This halberd was made by a pretty good blacksmith try it out" He said joyfully as he handed his Halberd to Sear.

Sear took ahold of the halberd and checked it status

--- Halberd

Quality: Poorly made

Durability: 5 years (may vary)

Would you like to equip this halberd YES / NO

Sear sneakily pressed on the screen without Julien noticing his actions even if he did he would not have cared much. As he equipped the halberd he left a sense of power coming from it that could not be described.

'Fiora what is this feeling that I am getting from this Halberd?' he said mentally to Fiora after a breath Fiora responded

--- It seems that somehow in the crafting of this Halberd a kind of memory device built into it there is 80% confidence that this device was accidentally added into the Halberd but was actually a memory device I should be able to open the memory device and shift the memories to you.

Sear was surprised and confused why a memory device was laying somewhere the blacksmith probably picked it up from somewhere he guessed as he said

"Fiora can memory devices hurt someone in any way?" he wanted to make sure the memory did not contain any harm to him.

--- The memories may be gruesome and violent but no memory device is able to harm someone unless a grandmaster built it but after inspecting it there is no trap on this device

Sear nodded as he said "ok transfer the memories to me" he was excited to see what was in it

As soon as he said that he felt a surge of memory burst into his head almost like how he remembered his first bodies memories but these memories were much smaller. As he looked through these memories he found that the memories contained the memories of a cultivator that reached the king stage if Sear did not have the emperor system he would have been in awe by how much this person achieved in his life but the cultivator always focused on one technique and Sear tried to see what this ability was but before he left the memories he felt another burst of memories and felt a technique transferred over to him filling him with all the information that the technique contained.

He opened his eyes with another glint of golden light in them as he smiled and looked at his father and said "Thank you for this father" he said as he cupped his hands to him normally Sear would have just said thanks but the technique he gained from the halberd was far greater than the weapon he held in his hands.

The technique he had just gained was called the 'Ray of extinction' as it suggested by the name by mastering this to the highest tier he would have the ability to extinct a race, of course, this was all contextual but from the memories the cultivator only mastered it to the 2nd highest grade and it gave him the power to poke a hole through mountains. He was happy and excited.

'Fiora is there any to advance my level on this technique?'

--- I can only show you how much you have mastered the ability and tell you information about this ability.

'What is some of the information that you can give me about this ability' He said mentally disappointedly

--- This technique is related to the dao of darkness if you encounter any darkness based treasures you may use your infinite elemental body and transfer all of the power of darkness in it and help you advance your technique.

Sear nodded silently and said to his father "ok let's go" he knew that asking his father about waiting for some time before integrating the technique for use would arouse suspicions from his father.

Julian held the left arm of Sear as he started floating and started flying North Sear felt the G-force from flying in the sky so fast but it did not affect him much which was not surprising since the ability to fly was in the sky stage and that was right after the earth stage. Sear also had the sky stage soul potential which was why the G-force did not affect him much.

Julian looked at sear with hope in his eyes as he looked at him and asked: "What if you don't have a good cultivating body?" He knew that one of the reasons he got to the lord stage was because he had a latent spiritual body which let him cultivate faster and let him attract Yuan Ki to him.

Sear responded "Even if the heavens don't want to me to rise I will defy the heavens and shred it to pieces so that I can eventually rule the heavens" With confidence and his father looked at his weirdly even he did not know that his son had a mentality of a warrior but he did not take him very seriously at least not right now.

Sear was very confident though since he already knew what his body was and as if in expectations his body was very mysterious because not many people knew what the 'latent Sun body' did but Sear had asked Fiora and the summary of it was that he gained extra energy under the sun and the closer he is to it he could gain that much more power, of course, this also worked for other types of energy sources he could use to gather Yuan ki but it would not be as good as being right next to the sun. He could also gather yuan ki in the nigt since the sun reflected its rays through the moon to the earth so it was still gagtherable but much slower but still faster than a normal latent spiritual boday that his father had.


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