Emperor system
4 World of authority
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Emperor system
Author :kingsaitama
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4 World of authority

Before he left his room and met his father to talk to him about something that was important for his introduction to politics he needed to get dressed up which is exactly why he called his maid over with a smile. His maid was very arrogant for someone as his maid she hadn't even reached the mortal stage but she still ordered Sear around before Sear got into this new body. Before Sear appeared in this new body the Sear before was very cowardly because he didn't like to hit people and was very nice maybe too nice and Sear also had a speculation that he needed to confirm before he left he smiled and said

"Sara come in!" he shouted after a few moments a girl in a maid outfit appeared before him she looked at him as if she had seen a ghost for some reason really anxious and nervous and then Sear smiled almost in a malicious way the speculation he had was probably correct after she came she just looked at him with no movement. Sear dissatisfied said

"Sara, where are your manners, are you not supposed to give your master a bow before even looking at him or did you leave your brain cells behind with that trash food you made me eat yesterday?" He smiled as he stared at her the maid blinked a little hesitant but bowing and coming back to her straight posture but right when she was going to do that the youth said once more

"Hmm, I don't remember letting you off so fast?" he said as he smiled and the maid quickly went back to bowing to him although he could clearly tell that she was super angry by the colour of her red face. 'Hmph, he didn't notice what happened yesterday night right? plus what's wrong with him before he wouldn't even dare look at me but now he made me bow to him' said surprised in her head

Sear remembered that this girl was sold by her parents for money his face still motionless he looked at her still with a smile and said

"Sara yesterday that food was horrible it made me sick for some time it seems your cooking is as bad as your worth, well I guess I will let you go if you also taste I wonder if you think it will taste bad too?" Sear was confident that his speculation was true. He was confident that this 'maid' had poisoned him yesterday he was even surer when yesterday he looked at some soup to the side and scanned it because he was testing Fiora's status detection ability out which let him identify anyone's or anything's status much like his status.

--- Soup (poisoned)

This soup has been poisoned with the poison tyrannical snake's venom this venom has the ability to kill anyone below the Sky stage. He was surprised by this but he searched his memory and found that it was Sara that gave him this soup to 'help' him.

"Guards!" he shouted as a few guards near his room barged in and asked confused

"Young master what do you want?" his tone kind of grumpy and annoyed he personally did not like this young master of his he was a coward and way too nice.

Sear looked at the guards with cold eyes, his cold eyes made them shiver for some reason even though almost all of them were at the earth stage the same as their young master. 'Sigh' Sear sighed sadly his image was of a coward that was way too kind in this world now had to reverse his whole reputation it was too much of a hassle for him right as he thought of that a ding appeared in his head as a transparent light appeared in front of him as he looked at it.

--- Ding! New mission unlocked

Move your reputation to a point where no one thinks you are a coward and make some respect you. Mission reward -- 200 CP (cultivation points), lesser Ring of Charisma (sky class)

Press YES / NO to either accept the mission or deny it.

Sear blinked as he saw this surprised but excited it appeared that the system could give him mission with rewards depending on the situation which let him become stronger he smiled as he pressed the button YES.

He looked at the guard and commanded with absolute confidence almost as if a god telling a mortal

"Hold this maid if she struggles...Kill her"

As soon as that word left Sear's mouth everyone felt a cold chill reach their spine every action felt tedious for some reason they felt invisible pressure hold them not even a single one of these dared to look in Sear's eye's as they gulped and did what they were told in the back of their heads they could tell that their young master had changed dramatically someone from being a warm and kind being to commanding soldiers to kill someone it was a super different action they felt this young master had changed dramatically over a single night but they couldn't tell why. They held the maid's arms and they could feel a slight trembling from her confused they asked their young master why they were doing this in a clearly respectful tone this time.

"Well I suspect this maid had tried to poison me overnight she gave me some soup yesterday I just wanted to see if I was correct" he said as he smiled warmly to the guards and pulling some soup from the soup bowl on the desk the guards looked at their young master with fear from an emotion to another he turned from that cold face to a warm one it was absolutely terrifying people had to know that seeing cold face was scary but never as scary as seeing someone's emotions change at an instant and they felt some sort of justice if they found out that if this maid tried to poison their young master which was entirely unacceptable. they didn't know if this sense of justice was coming from looking at their young masters 'warm' face or their own sense of justice.

Sear thought of himself as an emotion manipulator in his past life he had toyed with other people's emotions easily even he himself didn't know where he had gained such a good talent but it was super useful at anytime he thought as he smiled warmly and slowly walked up to the maid. The maid was trembling as she started crying she also felt the aura their young master was portraying almost as if a devil from hell itself especially since she wan not even a cultivator she felt like Mount tai itself was descending onto her. The real reason he was able to influence everyone so much was that he had absorbed the pendant into his soul with the soul of the reborn and the pendant his raw soul potential was pretty high even sky stage cultivators would tremble when they felt this aura, As he walked every step rung in her ear she didn't want to die at least not yet 'DAMM IT, DAMMIT DAMM.IT. WHY DID THIS KID HAVE TO BE SO SMART' she cried in her head she thought that if she told him who had hired her maybe he would spare her life just as Sear walked up to the maid.

Soul potential was basically the aura or soul energy one released it meant that normal people below your soul value would be wary of you this was a very useful thing for some strong cultivators as they didn't want to fight unnecessary fight that did not gain them anything when reached a stage in a realm their soul would also evolve to that stage. If someone trained their soul and could use abilities for it they would be able to mentally kill creatures by only looking at them, unfortunately, there were not many skills that remained in this country or planet even if they did their soul potential would normally not be enough to use it. If Sear looked at his status now he would see a whole new window.

"I didn't want to do it, young master, please, it was the Lorian's they hired me to kill you in your sleep I swear if I had a choice I would have never chosen it please spare me," She said helplessly wishing that her young master doesn't kill her.


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