Emperor system
1 Mysterious prodigy
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Emperor system
Author :kingsaitama
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1 Mysterious prodigy

Sear was walking back from fencing classes the class had exhausted Sear by a lot if had a bar for the energy he would be at 20% if not lower. Sear known as a prodigy among prodigies born from a completely rich family and caring parents, very handsome as well know to be able to walk and talk at the age 1 and to be able to do math equations at the level of 7th grade, a once in a billion person normally never seen in the history of the earth and has many expectation placed on him many girls fawn over him when he meets anyone's eyes and truly the perfect human, but there is one thing Sear really want's to do but never is able to.....

As he was travelling back to his home some girls noticed him and ran after him but they never came close to him as they maintained a certain distance between each other but one of the girls that had never talked to Sear was weirded out 'hmmm? why are we spying on this guy?' clueless she asked her friends but they just looked at her in surprise almost as if looking at her as if she was retarded but still she responded back

"don't talk to him even though he looks super cute he's also super weird" even though she could tell that the girl was hesitant about leaving or not she could tell that both of the girls with her had a crush on this guy.

The clueless thinking that they were just being too paranoid slowly approached Sear both of the girls with her looked at her wide eyes as she slowly approached Sear.

"Um hello, my name is ton may I ask you what your name is?" acting super friendly to Sear the clueless girl ton asked Sear even though she was still weirded out but she also kind of heard her heart beating when she looked at the youth.

As soon as those words were said, Sear, as if a robot with no emotions looked right in Ton's eyes the trump poker face he had suddenly turned into a warm smile.

As he Responded back "Distasteful" as soon Sear said that he slowly turned his head to the 2 girls almost as if he knew they were there all along and also said "Distasteful and Distasteful" with a sigh he slowly turned around and left.

He left the girls were all shocked at what he said a few moments later both of the girls became super angry at Sear for basically ignoring them by saying a single word to each of them both of them though became more infuriated when they looked at the clueless girl Ton and ironically she had a clueless face as she was also kind of apologetic to her friends they soon left.

The youth that had left was walking but his face was becoming more and more emotionless as if there was an aura coming off of him that no one could see but definitely feel it.

"hah I am too tired to welcome entourage to talk to me if I want to become the most important person in the country it will probably take me hmmm about 15 more years or 10 if I am lucky, I feel like its far too long I'm currently 14 there is no point talking to other people yet at least I have made myself a big and oncoming prodigy in other people's eyes" Sear almost totally exhausted went to his house there was one thing that Sear wanted and that was Authority in the world with authority at his beck and call he would have control over lives and reign supreme all over the world but unfortunately he was born in a world where not everything was ok to do in this society like murder and democracy was established in almost 99% of the countries on earth. If he could travel to another world where he could gain authority with might it would be the best conclusion for him.

He was really tired to even walk he had trained and studies all day today one thing he likes to do was fighting it was one of the three things that gave him excitement in this 'world" Just as he was about to take a shower before sleeping but an old voice crept in his ear almost melodic he had the urge to sleep for some reason, Sear had almost never followed his instincts ever which were telling him to not sleep but this time he had no choice but to sleep he felt like someone forced the whole mountain Tai on him before sleeping.

In his sleep, a voice rang in his head

--- Emperor system has been established

--- Transferring to Nebula Universe

--- Status

Name: Sear Maelstrom

Age: 14

Relatives: Julian Maelstorm - Casandra Maelstrom

Authority: Son of Baron Maelstrom - Dorelean empire

Health: Perfect

Cultivation: Origin Energy realm -- Earth stage - early stage -

Talent: Latent Sun body core - Infinite elemental body (Extreme rarity) - Soul of the reborn -

Items: Pendant of the reborn

Equipment: None

As Sear awoke he found himself In a comfy bed not too majestic but enough for most people to be envious of but something was off he never remembered this room or this bed that he had been sleeping on Sear did not like this he could think of any possibilities right now someone kidnapped him but that is unlikely considering by the room, bed and clothes on him which were very good looking the other possibility is that he sleepwalked but that had never happened to him before and where could he have sleepwalked to enter such a room sleep on this bed even though the difference between these 2 beds was not much he could still feel more comfortable on this bed for some reason people had to know that Sear's family was very rich, to begin with, and since he was such a prodigy his parents gave him everything he wanted especially when it came to his furniture.

Also what was that message he got when he was asleep if he remembered correctly it said something about his status and he didn't dream about anything else it was very strange to him it was also quite unusual that he was this calm about this situation almost as if he was being forced to be calm even he himself even though he would not have much of a reaction at this situation he could at least still be warier than he was now without even thinking about it but as soon as those thoughts came around another ding rang in his head.

--- Memory transference process started

--- 1%

The voice seemed to be cold but warm at the same time to him he looked around to see if anyone was there but after looking around he did not find anything but a small ring was released in his head everytime the percentage went up by 5% but Sear figured out that this was a voice in his head for sure because when he heard the vice the voice would sound like it care from all sides even if he turned around time and time again.

--- Ding 60%

--- Ding 65%

Sear thought of what the voice had said 'memory transference started' Sear knew he still had all of his memories with him so maybe this was a process to clear out his memories? Even now with the possibility of his memories getting wiped Sear had a calm face trying to figure out why someone would want him to get rid of his memories if someone was truly jealous of him would they not have just killed him outright and be done with it? why would someone want his memories wiped? Even if the someone had wanted to transfer his knowledge to someone else why would they? sure his knowledge and IQ normally surpassed 20 years old and sometimes 25 but he still couldn't be called the smartest on the planet there were many people that were smarter than him by miles just as he was thinking the dings finally stopped Sear a little anxious now.

--- Ding! process completed

--- Transferring memories

Sear waited for a moment and closed his eyes but instead of him forgetting memories he felt like he was gaining more and more of them and all of them were to each other.



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