Devil's Workshop
29 Sneaking Around
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Devil's Workshop
Author :Player
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29 Sneaking Around

Lucas moved through the shadows swiftly and agilely, as he moved closer to the center of the battlefield the temperature in the surroundings varied sometimes it would be warm as in a hot spring sometimes it felt like a burning hell and sometimes frozen land.

Lucas was inwardly astonished but he still kept a straight face, his own body cultivation helped Lucas in navigating through the destructive terrain, with the additional help of his equipment he calmly stepped into the battlefield.

'There seems to be more higher three realm experts. Antonio since he was a mage and had a awakened ability related to earth, he must be a mage focusing on earth element and from the information gathered related to Blood Hawk mercenary group, their captain Hawk focus on blood magic.'

'The remnant battles here is filled of many other elements, seems like there are some people like me trying to fish in troubles and also calculating grudges here.'

'But even so why is Arsln Family letting them fight such a large scale battle here?'

Suddenly Lucas felt a huge foreboding, he stepped backwards and immediately took cover in a ruin and looked around to see where the danger comes from, but even after waiting and looking around he didn't saw or felt anything dangerous.

'Was it an illusion?'

Lucas's combat experience, power or knowledge is nothing compared to all the experts fighting here. So every step he takes need to be thought over many times over. The danger he sensed was no illusion, but no matter how, he couldn't find the source of it.

'System activate [Scan]'

After giving instructions Lucas again quietly moved, after a while again the same foreboding feeling raised in his heart.

'System what is happening?'

'Ding! Unknown force field fluctuations detected in front.'

'Unknown? Damn! It seems even System is helpless.'

Lucas moved sideways and tried to probe by throwing some stones and activating spells. None showed any unusual reactions.

"Spell : Detect Life"

'No Life detected.'

Lucas tried all his known spells one by one, no one came out nor any visible change appeared.

Breathing heavily Lucas took a mana potion to replenish his mana.

'Did all this sneaking around amount to nothing?'

Lucas shook his head.

"Moving forward is dangerous and even if I survive using my items I will be exposed and I won't gain anything, It seems my adventure ended prematurely."

Lucas in disappointment turned around and decided to go back unwillingly, at that instant Lucas had a thought flashed in his mind.

No Life detected?

Lucas after hesitating for a moment tried to circle around the force field and he kept trying to sense the presence of life. He wasn't afraid of others detecting him due to mana fluctuations because all around the battlefield the energy fluctuations are all in chaos, so weaker fluctuations are easily covered.

However after walking for a while Lucas found out that the force field is covering completely the center of battle field and any intruders passing through will be killed, the corpses inside the field was sufficient to prove his theory.

'Is it domain? But domain is a characteristic attained in Maxim Level. If a Maxim Level character interfered, the battle should be over immediately and if it was fight between Maxim Level, the devastation it causes will be on an another scale.'

Lucas cut off the unnecessary thoughts and pondered over the force field.


Rain walked unsteadily, his face was pale and his armor cracked and broken, staggering he walked, behind him two individuals followed him leisurely, black clothed, hooded and their face was covered with a mask.

The Blood Hall.

The man walking in front sounded middle-aged he was instructing the black-clothed youngster who was following his from behind respectfully.

"Tell me what did you observed from this fight."

As replying to the question, a younger voice spoke.

"Blood enhancement is only a last resort, if you couldn't destroy your enemy or flee from your enemies in the limited power and time given by the blood enhancement, you will be at complete mercy of your enemy."

The black-clothed youngster tried to organize his language.

"Mr. Rain, he is an excellent fighter, he couldn't gauge his opponent's power and tried to fight. Alas he got thrashed, but instead of thinking to flee he tried to use blood enhancement and again tried to fight. If he used blood enchantment and tried to flee, there was still a small possibility of him escaping."

The young man looked at Rain pitifully and spoke with a calm voice, "But if he luckily won the fight, he will still die here, because the price to pay for blood enhancement is to become feeble for the next 72 hrs, even a ordinary human could now easily decide Mr. Rain's fate. Right now there are many other hunting him due to the bounty on his head. Even if escaped us, he will still die."

"But due to poor judgement he is going to die faster."

Nodding his head the middle-aged man took a dagger and said.

"Judgement and perception is one of the most important qualities need for an assassin to survive and he also need to know how to run fast, if not everything is useless."

Rain couldn't hear their conversation, he was desperately trying to escape his predicament. With all his will power he ran or tried to run towards where his captain is.

The middle-aged man's cold eyes stared at Rain and with a wave the of his hand the dagger shot towards Rain's back.


"Next week you will attend the entrance examination, you have to get into one of the Nine Schools."

The young Blood Hall member replied enthusiastically.

"Yes master, I am all prepared."



"Yes array!, Only array can produce such a huge force field."

Lucas thought furiously over the surrounding terrain.

'System can you find out which array is placed here?'

'Ding! Analyzing.'

Lucas waited for sometime but there was no response from system.

Lucas didn't have much knowledge about arrays.

His grandfather was an expert in array and Lucas when went to visit his grandfather have saw many research paper regarding high grade arrays and have touched upon many advance knowledge.

He knew of different types of array and their uses, but no concrete details related to how to dismantle, finding the core or node or inducing loopholes. He didn't even tried to learn to how to setup an array.

Lucas didn't had any interest in arrays, the advanced theory and knowledge he saw or heard was dumped in a corner of his memory. Due to having no basic knowledge of array. Lucas didn't understood anything regarding the advanced knowledge mentioned in the research papers. But System was different, due to it's powerful analytical abilities some results could be obtained.

'Ding! Array found: Six Directions Law Forming Earth transformation array.'

Lucas was overjoyed, he immediately instructed to find any loopholes to enter the array safely.

To get more information for the system, Lucas walked on the many rugged paths and started probing.

'Ding! According Research paper 4:0284 when resonance between six direction energy and atmospheric energy reaches 1247 LE ether parti..

Huge amount of information flowed to Lucas's mind.


Lucas groaned and keeled on the ground, taking deep breaths Lucas tried to calm down. The information surge place a huge burden on his spirit.

After a while Lucas regained his bearing. Going through his memories Lucas moved towards a position and confidently entered. Even though a dangerous feeling assaulted his senses, Lucas calmly stepped forward.

The array placed here is not an meticulously planned array. But a portable type array operated using an array disc. So loop holes in the array is more and it is easier to navigate inside it. Lucas moved confidently but in a deliberate slow manner towards the center of the battlefield.

"After going back I should study some arrays."


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