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Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
Author :dff123
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22 Fores

So, I used to hear a tons of stories about ghosts and also watch a lot of horror movies. But since i had never experienced any ghost encounters, i was a guy like "meh, these ghost stuffs are created by humans them self to make money making movies about it and all other serials featuring ghost hunters". Okay let get to the story.

One day, me and my two friends visited this spooky forest. Not nearby but we managed to get there just to check it out as we love the natural atmosphere, you know giving my lungs some adrenaline of fresh air.

The time we reached there was about 7 PM when it was already getting dark and just to let you know there's no light source in the forest except the entrance/exit of the forest area so it was much darker than we expected.

My friend had his apple and i had my TAB with dual flash so we decided to use them to at least see each other. An hour passed by having conversation and smoking cigarettes. We were sitting under a tree as it was thick enough for all of us to lay our backs on it and sit relax.

We were having a good time until we started hearing a sound, like two rocks are smashing into each other. Or.... One rock smashing on the ground again and again, we were pretty confused. I told my friends that it must be a cat trying to climb a tree making the weak branches fall off making it sound like the rock thing. But it didn't stop for like 3 or 4 minutes though. Now after some minutes it stopped for awhile and we were still assuming it as an animal doing these sounds.

Things went silent for 5 minutes, we started our conversation about this forests atmosphere being so windy and cold. Then apparently a rock fell on my friends head, wonder how a rock can be up there on a tree?

Just in 4-5 seconds a big branch from the tree fell on my lap scaring the shit out of me and once again my friend felt like water drops falling on his neck from up the tree. How is there still a chance of water dropping down from a tree when the rainy season was already over 2 months ago?

This night was clearly not our lucky night as we heard the same sound of the rock smash again but now it sounds like its getting closer. Immediately without any options to choose, we decided to run out from the forest as quick as we could. We left the forest safe and sound and headed to our homes.

After few days of incident, one of our friend posted a news about the same forest. There was a huge tower just like a lighthouse, as said by the post, we saw that tower from a distance but didn't get closer as it was a rocky area and there is a chance if one of us falls off the small cliff.

So in the post, A boy was passing by the tower and the first thing he saw was a person but only his head. The post also said the police couldn't find the body but just the head of the man which was already found by the same person who saw it while passing by.

But the question is, what happened to this guy? How in the world can this ever happen to someone? it can be the drug addicts who made this forest to get high with brown sugar or this guy is a drug addict getting his head torn off by someone?

And the weird experience we had few days ago in the same forest, was this the same guy doing it after death?

My questions are yet answered and I never visited that forest again and so did anyone else.
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    《Darkness Rising- Horror Stories》