Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
17 Haunted House
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Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
Author :dff123
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17 Haunted House

This happened in 2011 when I was 7, I'm a girl, now 14 and I just talked to my mother about this incident and decided to share it.

So, I lived with my grandmother, father, mother and two dogs quite far from any town. The house was big so I usually play hide and seek with my mom a lot. I don't remember which month it was so my mum filled me in on this, she said it was October, during the holidays.

This one particular day, my dad was out driving my grandma to the hospital as she had an appointment with the doctor so I was left alone with my mum. After several rounds of hide and seek and watching a movie with my mum it began to get dark outside and my dad still wasn't home.

I've always been scared of potential home invasions so I was paranoid all day because my dad wasn't with us, he made me feel very safe.

Me and my mom decided to play monopoly. Fast forward an hour. When I was 7 I thought I was very sly so I kept stealing money from my mums stash, now that I look back she was probably pretending not to see. As I was taking a 50$ bill from her monopoly cash, she said. "The power will go out soon"

This left me completely puzzled as I had no idea how she'd know this. But sure enough, it went out about 15 minutes later and I started to panic because as most little kids I'm scared of the dark. (I later found out that there was a power outage in my area because of a storm and my mum was notified of it)

She handed me this Nokia phone and let me play my favorite game on it, which at the time was 'Doom' She told me to go hide under the bed sheets if I'm scared and that she'll be back soon. I asked where she's going but she didn't answer.

As she head out the room she locked the door. I laid under the sheets, killing some monsters on the game for what felt like hours but was probably only 5 minutes.

Footsteps were heard in the kitchen which was next to the room I was in so I took the sheets off my head and yelled out "MOM?" Glad that she's back because I was really scared but no answer was heard.

The footsteps didn't stop so I yelled again "Mom can you please come? I'm scared" After I had said that, the footsteps stopped completely. I got a sudden rush of adrenaline so I held tight onto the phone and dashed out the room to the kitchen, which was empty. I was left puzzled but didn't wait for long as I ran to the door, unlocked it as theres keys on the inside too and ran to the corridor.

Alright, so the corridor has four doors, on the right side, one at the very back which I never was allowed to go in (I later learned that the room was where my great-grandma died and no one touched it ever since) It also had stairs next to it leading to the second floor and one at the front which led to the outside.

The fourth door I came through was the closest to the outside door so I quickly opened the outside door, ready to run out but- the rush of adrenaline was gone and I got scared of the outside too. It was very dark and I was barely able to see. My only choices were:

Go back to the room I came from.

Scream for my mother.

I chose number 2 and starter screaming for mom over and over again. I guess I wasn't loud enough because there were no replies. I remember starting to sweat and panic, different scenarios playing through my little head, scenarios like: A murderer killing my mom and coming for me next or my mom leaving me forever. I know, stupid, but I was only 7 after all.

I remember looking down at my feet and beginning to cry. More footsteps were heard but this time- behind me. I looked behind me and saw a silhouette of a tall person (I'm assuming it's a male due to the body build) at the end of the hallway, standing in front of the door.

I can't recall what he looked like because it was all black, I stared at him for about 15 seconds in pure horror. This got my adrenaline pumping again and I ran out of the door, towards the outside toilet only to be greeted by my mother who looked worried as hell.

After I told her what happened through uncontrollable sobs, my dad was in the driveway already parking his car. My granny was left at the hospital for some treatment. He searched the house but no one was found so my mum told me it was just my imagination... but, I know what I saw and heard.

Fast forward 7 more years, I live in another house and I randomly remembered about this incident and talked to my mom about it. She seemed quite hesitant about telling me this but at the end I convinced her to tell me.

What she said, gave me chills. Apparently, when I was 4 I started to stare at one particular corner in the kitchen and laugh like crazy. My mom asked me what's so funny and every time I point to the same corner but never told her why it was funny.

After a few months, the random giggles I let out when staring at the corner didn't stop. What made my mom lose it was the fact that I started speaking random German words that I've never heard before.

We have no relatives that are German or can speak German and I wasn't introduced to technology at that age either(My mother knew its German because she can actually speak a little bit but never spoke it). She bribed me with candy to tell her how I learned to say the following words in German: "It" "Help" "chocolate" "Shower" and "War"

My response completely shocked her. I pointed to the same corner again and said "He taught me how" My mum kept her cool though, she asked me who I was talking about and I said "The man who makes me laugh"

My mom asked me what he looked like but I only said he looks like a shadow and that he's from Germany. When she asked where the man lived I pointed to the second floor. This all made sense because I always hated the second floor and never went up there because I felt like I was being watched.

My parents took it upon themselves to google the history of the house and sure enough, it was built by Germans. I don't remember any of this but my mum kept on reassuring me it happened. My father said he remembers it too but decided not to tell me until now, I talked to the German man in the corner up until 5 years of age. I'm pretty sure you can put two and two together. But if not: The man I saw when I was 7 was the same man I talked to when I was 4. Every time I go back to visit my grandma I always feel uneasy.
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    《Darkness Rising- Horror Stories》