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Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
Author :dff123
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11 Love Spell

It was October when my very best friend, Lynn and I, decided we'd celebrate our birthday's together as we always did. But this was a special year, we were both turning 18 so we decided it would be a good idea to celebrate by bar hopping from town to town down 20 which was a main route that connected all our little upstate Ohio towns together. Our birthdays were less than 2 weeks apart and we had been best friends from our first meeting at age 12.

Not too much to remember until our last stop. We were about 40 miles away from home at this point and this is where my story begins. I met Kevin. He was tall, blond and had sparkling blue eyes that twinkled with just a hint of mischief.

He was 5 years older than me. quite gregarious, fun loving, spontaneous with a hysterical sense of humor. He had a very adventurous spirit and enjoyed sky diving. He was also an amateur photographer as well, he liked to take pictures as he was free falling.

He had a job, a car and was attending the local college. I just loved his spirit. As you can imagine, I fell in love fast and furious.

We were together every spare moment running around with our friends and going to parties, just living it up as young people do. Not a care in the world. If a great song came on the radio, he'd pull the car over and dance in the street!

Anytime we went to the movies, I'd let him pick as his choice was the best choice always. He was smart and articulate, and very good looking!! There was never a dull moment with Kevin. I just adored him.

June, 1973, he and his little brother had decided to take a road trip out to experience the mountains in Colorado for the summer. I was so happy for them both and I really loved his brother too and wanted them to go and have a good time.

What I did not know yet, I was pregnant.

While they were out on their adventure we communicated infrequently. No cell phones back then. I was afraid to tell him and when I finally told him he was silent. I didn't hear back from him until about two weeks later. He wrote me a letter and informed me that he wasn't coming back to Ohio.

I was devastated, heart broken beyond imagination.

During this time, I came across an article in the Reader's Digest on how to cast a love spell.

Of course, that's the answer, Right?

I was diligent and cast this spell every single day for several months through tears and intense emotional upheaval. I had never experienced such pain in my life, well, except for when Shep, our family dog died when I was 16.

One night, I had slept on the couch and suddenly woke up at 6am, fully awake and said to myself "He's back"!. It was late October, a full year now since we'd met, and I had been very diligent in my task.

Now, I do believe that this was a supernatural experience because this is Not now nor never was the way I wake up. It usually takes me at least an hour to become somewhat coherent and I didn't drink coffee back then.

Well, I waited until 10:30am before I called his mom's house. This was an excruciating 4 1/2 hours as I tried to anticipate his response. When I finally did call, his brother answered! I just knew he was back though I can not tell you how it was that I knew, I just did.

I still know things somehow that I have no way of knowing, I guess it's more of a feeling/knowing. I guess I feel knowledge in my spirit, it's weird and hard to explain.

But on with my story, after speaking with him, he drove the 40 miles and came to see me. I don't know what went through his mind. I was very pregnant and had gained about 50 pounds but everything seems to be alright, he moved in with me right then and there. Got a job and the baby came. What a darling little boy he was and the apple of our eye.

At first I did not notice the changes in Kevin. They were very subtle at first but soon he became very stressed, quit his job, started doing major drugs and alcohol and spent more and more time away from home.

Now we had done our fair share of partying, let me tell you, but this became way out of hand. And maybe now that we had a baby, I wasn't so much fun anymore since I took my responsibility as a parent very serious and didn't run around and party anymore.

When he was home, nothing was right. He imagined all sorts of things and became very distrustful. He did things that were out of character for him and became paranoid and about drove me crazy right along with him as I watched him spiral downward into madness. My point: You see, like Gage Creed, he wasn't the same person that came back.

His was completely changed. He was no longer fun. He enjoyed psychological head games, I guess maybe this was some sort of testing ground. I don't know how he did it but man, he had my mind so messed up. We even went to counseling and Thank God, they kept him at the institution for a while.

I was relieved at the time because I was got a badly needed reprieve from him. But, they could not help him. You see, it wasn't until much later that I realized that he had been possessed by demons and I do believe there was more than a few.

The last time I saw him before I left for good, he was unrecognizable. He emitted an indescribable odor that was so offensive but was not a normal small. His knees were larger than his thighs and you could see every rib protruding from the back or front. His eyes had dark circles and were sunk into his head and he looked absolutely haunted. He looked like a person who had been in a concentration camp. I remember looking at him in amazement that he was actually still alive.

I was finally able to escape by taking my children and moving to the middle of the US where I knew no one. I did see him again sometime later. He had put on a small amount of weight although his mind was still the same as when I had left. God forgive me.

I always wondered if I had been the cause of the demons by my spell casting. It seemed like he had a legion in there, I still feel responsible because I don't know for sure if every time I cast that spell, if he didn't received another demon. I kind of suspect it was my fault. You know, like another knowing.

Please don't mess around with any kind a spell no matter how innocent it seems........you don't know the ramifications of your actions. Believe me, it's better to let them leave and find another person, it's just not worth the torment you will put yourself through and sadly it will be your own doing.

The reason I've decided to share this is maybe I can get some peace knowing that my story helped at least one person escape what I experienced.

I've lived with this my entire life. Let this be your warning!


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