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Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
Author :dff123
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I live with my parents and my younger sister of 17 at the time, in a nice residential condo up in the hills.

One day, after work while I was arriving at my house, there was a strong windstorm going on, it was so strong that some trees fell off, and the streets were full of leaves and pine needles, when I arrived home there was so many pine needles pile up in front of my house, that I had to be careful not to trip.

At the other side of the street there is a empty lot with nothing built in it, and a wall that divides, my residential from another that is next to it, while I was looking to all of the pine needles piled up, I realized that although I got neighbors at both sides of my house, the leaves and needles were only piled up in front of my house, I knew that no one had cleaned up their part of the street, because it was still winding hard when I was arriving home.

Suddenly out of nowhere the winding stopped, and the air seemed still for a bit, it was starting to get dark but the lighting around my house seemed strange, that's when I felt as if someone was watching me, I started to feel sick and dizzy, and started seeing fireworks around my vision, that type you see when you are going to pass out.

I've overcome some hardships in my life, and I was relatively strong willed, so I held my self against my car, and stumbled to my house door almost passing out, once inside my house I laid on the floor trying to recompose myself. As I have high blood pressure since I was 16, I didn't thought about this much.

After several minutes staring at my door from the inside, I got up, locked the door and went on with the night. Hours later I was playing league of legends with my sister, as I'm addicted to it, when I noticed some movement in the empty terrain in front of my house, it has just a fell threes but in the dark you can't see very far.

That's when with letting out a gasp I saw him, a tall white figure, with no eyes or facial features, he was wearing some form of a black blazer and there were shadows creeping from behind him, I turned to look at my sister, and called her but when I looked back to the terrain it was empty, I shrug it off, and asked her if she would care to sleep in my room that day, and she said ok.

One week went on giving me a feeling of dread every time I was around my house but outside of it, when I arrived home in one of these days it was strangely still clear, while the other days at the same time it was usually dark.

Whilst getting my things out of my car I turned to look to the empty terrain when I noticed a woman screaming "GO AWAY" and closing her windows fiercely, her house was in the other residential condo to the other side of the wall where the empty lot was is. I was startled for a moment, and went straight to my house.

I've never said anything about it to anyone, but the next day my sister came to me worried, saying that she had a nightmare where I was going crazy because I could see SlenderMan, that gave me chills across my spine and I felt dizzy again, I started explaining the last events to her and she laughed and said that there is no thing as Slenderman, and that I must be forgetting to take my blood pressure medicine, which I sometimes forget to take, but I knew that wasn't the case.

The next week I had forgot about all of that, while arriving home I opened the door to my house, and a huge rodent entered my house running, it was probably 60 cm from head to tail, and went on to the kitchen, this rodent leaves in the wood near my home, and due to ambient laws we can't kill it, or send it anywhere else.

I was chasing it off my house when he jumped to a metal table we have and started gnarling to me, I screamed at him which made him pissed off and I swear he was about to jump at me, when he stopped, looked behind me and started to piss himself, feeling something strange behind me, I turned to look, only to find nothing between me and the door behind me. The rat jumped of the table, fell awkwardly into the floor and fled thought a door that takes you outside in the back of my home.

My sister was startled by the whole ordeal and asked me what the hell happened, when I explained, I told her, that I've seen that rodent before, and it had never got so close to me before, he was always afraid of me, I asked my sister what she thought about it, and she said, maybe there was something more freighting than you outside...

That night I had trouble sleeping, and when I did fell asleep I dreamed with him, this tall figure lurking at the forest into my home, in my dream my home shone light into him making him fled the woods, since that dream I've never felt his presence again, but sometimes I wonder what made him go away, and why did he came to my house.


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