Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
9 Possessed Home
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Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
Author :dff123
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9 Possessed Home

I have always been quite adventurous so it stands to reason that when I had spare time alone I would hop in my car and go exploring. I especially liked finding old abandoned homes and there are a lot of them in Colorado.

My husband hated the fact that I would do this completely alone and he was always afraid that I would get into trouble. When I saw a "No Trespassing Sign" it was an invitation, so it's no surprise that I would often be where I wasn't supposed to be.

One day while out driving down old country roads that I happened upon an old abandoned farmhouse, so I pulled into the drive way. There was no garage or car port so my car was right in plain site.

This old red brick farmhouse was all boarded up but around the side of the house there was an opening where one of the boards had fallen off so I scrambled on up and crawled through. I found myself in a front bedroom.

Of course, it was rather dark but there were cracks in the boards that let in just enough light that you could easily maneuver throughout the house without too much difficulty.

Imagine my surprise to find everything still in the house untouched. Near as I could tell it had been empty since sometime in the 60's so had been sitting in this condition for at least 20 years. I found this very strange that no kids had gotten inside to party nor any evidence of a homeless person.

Especially, since this house could be easily seen from I-25, a major highway that goes through the heart of Denver and there was an exit within walking distance to this house. Denver had a very large homeless population just like all big cities have.

The living room had all the furniture, lamps, tables and the bedrooms all had armors and iron beds, everything left in the kitchen along with home canned goods, spices, dishes, everything still there. In the bedroom where I entered there was a portable toilet and I wondered if someone had been sick. I got a feeling that was the case.

I spent hours in there just looking through pictures and postcards of the family that had lived there. There was a ton of Catholic Paraphernalia too, you know, crucifixes on the walls, rosary beads and the like.

It was fascinating to me and I was trying to figure out why this family had left the house this way and I was so surprised when I came out how many hours had passed but I chalked it up to being too involved and losing track of time, I've never worn a watch so it wasn't hard to believe that this could happen.

This place also wasn't too far from my house so I would go there as often as I could and wander the grounds, investigating the sheds and the outhouse, the root cellar under the house was loaded with old canned goods and rotted root vegetables. The smell, of course, after all this time was non existent so really it wasn't unpleasant. I kept wondering what had happened there.

I did not know that the family that owned this home lived just around the corner on this same street, how I found out was, they caught me there and ran me off. I watched them as they left and saw where they went.

Now, when I would go back, I'd look to see if they were home before I'd go in. So, week after week, month after month, I would go back, there was so much to explore. Time after time they would catch me there again and again, and always run me off.

I always wondered why they never called the police on me but they never did. I think they knew I was being haunted although I was not aware of this at the time.

Later on after I had been exploring for a number of months, I began to find myself there with no recollection as to how or when I had gotten there. But every time I went in, hours and hours would go by and every time I came out I was always surprised at how much time had passed.

I would think I was in there about 2 hours but would find at least 6 hours had passed and it was dusk. It would begin to get dark and I would have to leave because, of course, there was no electricity.

I was completely taken over and got it into my mind that I wanted to buy this house, so I talked to my husband about it never revealing to him that I had been going there. I kept it a secret from everyone, even my best friend.

I did some research and tried to find out anything I could about it. I did find out it was built in 1910 but could get no other information about it. I even tried to talk to the people that owned the house but they would never tell me anything at all and would just tell me to leave, again!

I never damaged anything and left everything as it was. I never took anything from that house until one day, I was drawn to an old green woven clothes hamper in very good condition and since I needed one at home, I took it. No one would miss it, right?

Now, I had made a connection, bad move!!

Soon after I took this hamper, I had a dream. Or was it a dream? A figure in a dark hooded cloak approached me and said, "Can I come into you and finish living out the rest of my life?" I replied, "If I do, then when do I can to live out the rest of my life?" and the figure disappeared and I woke up.

Creepy, huh? I do believe that the hamper was the catalyst for this event. I should not have taken anything. "Thou shalt not steal." There's always a reason for His commandments.

The next time I went to the house, it had been completely demolished. The house and all of the outbuildings where gone. There was absolutely no trace as if, anything was ever there. Not a brick, not a board, not even the foundation!

The root cellar had been filled in completely. I was devastated and wondered how and why did they do this? The house was safe and could have been sold. I had been going there two and three times a week so I don't know how this was accomplished so quickly. I wonder if the dream came after the destruction but I had not known what they had done and the hamper made it possible for this spirit to come to me.

I kept that hamper for a number of years and was always haunted by what ever had happened there. As long as I held on to it I could not release myself from the spirit that inhabited that house although I never had any more "dreams".

I finally did rid myself of it though because I knew as long as I hung on to it I'd never be free. I do not remember how I disposed of it but it wasn't until then that I was finally released but this had gone on for years.

I'm very much more careful now when and where I go and will stand outside and take the time to size up the spirit or spirits connected to these old places before entering.

Please, if you are out exploring and you find a place like this, do not take anything as you don't know what you are bringing home.

And if you have taken anything from a house like this, get rid of it now!


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