Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
1 Perverted Neighbor; Alber
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Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
Author :dff123
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1 Perverted Neighbor; Alber

So I'm a female and this happened when I was around 12.

First some backstory.

I have had this neighbor that lived a street down from me. For a couple months he lived with his dad because he couldn't afford his own place.

No problem, yet.

Until he started staring, peeking and looking into windows of houses. The horrifying part is no one new why.

Probably to look at naked women but he has been caught many times. The police have been called on him multiple times and he had been arrested a handful of times for smaller problems.

Well, while this was going on rumor spread that he was lurking around the neighborhood. So parents became hesitant to let their kids play outside.

Now one day I met him face to face. I was walking home from my grandparents house they lived a short walking distance away with my younger brother who was 10.

We walk and talk about how the day was going while my mom drove home before us. We didn't want to drive in the car we wanted to walk.

So we are walking home it was close to a 5 minute walk back to my house. Once we finally turn the corner to our small home, we see the man's car drive by.

The whole neighborhood was on a watch for him. I whispered to my brother "That's Albert."

He says "No way, really?" and him being the smart, invincible 10 year old he was yells "Yo Albert!" to his moving car with the windows down.

Not thinking he really heard us I gave him a stern smack on the head and told him to keep walking. Meanwhile the man turns his car around and starts to follow us.

I finally notice in disbelief and scream "Run!" And we run to my mothers arms.

She was waiting for us in the garage not noticing what happened. The man does a loop with his car and leaves going the way he came.

He now knew where we lived!

That night we all huddled nervous that he was lurking around the home. He never came as we knew of. 2 weeks later he was arrested for showing his male parts to a woman in Walmart.

He was arrested for a year and is now back in the neighborhood. Selling drugs etc. Many rumors have spread that he lured many under aged girls to his house but no one knows if that is true or not.

So that's where I sit today. Wondering always wondering what happened to him and always looking over my shoulder.
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    《Darkness Rising- Horror Stories》