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Chaos Emperor of the Universe
Author :Rollingpandaa
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2 Rebirth

Near Black Turtle sub-continent, Seashell Island, Pearl village.

It was a cloudless night with moonlight sprinkling from the gaps of cracks on the wood wall, but Alex mood was extremely bad, and he was feeling very depressed.

He swore that if he ever returned to Earth, he would torture that dogfuc*k electrician hundred times and every time he would torture him differently.

In previous world, he was an orphan staying in a 2 bedroom house that he got as an inheritance after his grandfather and grandmother passed away. Everyone from his family was somehow in military or military related organization. His Grandfather was a respected retired general while his grandmother worked in military logistics. His Father worked for some secret organization defending the country from the shadows and this he came to know from his grandfather after his dad died on duty; he never told him how as this was also highly classified information.

The only one in his family that seemed normal was her mother, she was a housewife but Alex knew that no normal housewife mom would teach his son how to assassinate someone using various techniques, skills and poison. He easily guessed that his always smiling sweet mother might be a retired Assassin. She vanished right after his father died, he still clearly remembers that night his mother was dressed in some skintight black suit, before leaving she tucked him in bed while giving a kiss on his head she said "Sleep well my child; I have to go somewhere so I cannot stay with you right now. Take care of your grandparents and learn well from them, I promise I will be back someday after I finish my work. And don't stop practicing what I and your father had thought you, and always brush your tee...blah,blah,blah" the other part is not important as this is just some embarrassing reminders that every mom would give their son if they leave them alone in the house.

Alex was normally very interested in the games, web novels and surfing the internet that is because the knowledge and skill he was taught cannot be used normally in peaceful life and he never wanted to use it so he tried to be as normal teens would be; doing everything he found interesting. He had friends, both online and offline. He also had a crush on a beautiful girl in his university and was soon going to propose to her but fate has other things for him as he was reincarnated to this backward land.

He was muddleheaded for a long time before he realized that he had crossed over and possessed a person with the same name, Alex, as himself. He would have been able to endure it if it were a regular reincarnation, but whom among the reincarnated did not end up being competent and arrogant, capable of singlehandedly defeating countless experts with their bare hands and sending crowds of beauties into screaming delirium with the wave of their hand? Not to mention he should have powerful plot armor but it has been a week since he came here and there is no sight of heavenly treasures, system or any other gold finger.

This place was an island and that he came to know from this bodies' memories, but that was not all, from the memories he also found out that this world was where the strong were respected, feared and worshiped. The weak people in Kingdoms would have rights on surface but in reality those rights and laws to protect the weak were just like a string for the strong people, they could easily break it whenever they wanted.

However, the person whose body he possessed was very weak in respect to his peers in the village. He was already fifteen years old, yet he still had not entered the first realm of body tempering. Whereas some talented one's have even achieved level 2 and 3 of Body Tempering realm.

Of course not every person have the physical body to cultivate, these people are normal and cannot achieve anything significant in their life unless they are highly educated and have high IQ otherwise they will live their whole life in a small place without knowing how big is the world.

Alex would love to have a carefree life, but then he had to have internet or some type of entertainment or else this modern soul will definitely go insane. For whole week, Alex had gone through memories of this body and he came across some awful scenarios which in the previous world you won't see in daylight. He saw how a merchant had made a family of three his slaves just because they couldn't pay their loan for 1 day. That was ridiculous, and even the village head who was at level 6 of body tempering realm in the village didn't do anything and he even invited the merchant to his house as a guest.

There are many such cases where girls are kidnapped and raped behind some trees or in the bar by some mercenary or some Noble master who passes by the village.

They even killed a boy of his age just because he spooked horses of a Noble kid accidently. It was quite a dark medieval world, but it's not like there aren't any good people. But all these people who could stop such thing happening in front of them had one thing in common they were all strong or had powerful authority in their hands. If a weak good hearted man confronted such villain then he would either have his head cut off from his body or have his own family replace the victims.

And this is what made him the most depressed about because in previous world he was protected under his family and even after that he could live alone there as the law and order was at least passable.

'No.. I can leave well here as well as I am from modern world, not like these uneducated common people and even if I can't cultivate I can still protect myself from skills I had learned from my family and also internet. I can become some noble advisers on military strategy or mange some logistic or hell I can even become rich with my modern world knowledge, but I will only do this if I cannot cultivate and if I can cultivate then I will not work under someone else otherwise my dead grandfather or my runaway mother would come to life and cross to this world to beat me up. If I had any system or power than I would definitely rule this world' thought Alex but he quickly woke up when he saw his Uncle Jack and Aunt Meg entering the room.

Excitedly, Alex closed his eyes to act like he was sleeping. His face was towards the bed where his Uncle and Aunt would sleep at night, his bed was only a meter away from theirs and the only thing which separated their bed was a transparent linen cloth hanging between then them from the roof.

Uncle Jack and Aunt Meg had adopted him after they found the previous person as a baby in the swampy marsh forest all alone while they were hunting. They didn't have a child of their own so they had taken care of him till now. His uncle Jack was in 5th Body Tempering realm while Aunt was in 4th Body tempering realm. It was because of them that he was not bullied by the people in the village. The previous body was quite an introvert so he will also not come in front of wicked noble young master or anyone powerful. Some people even thought that he was dumb but Alex found out from his memories that this guy was rather quite intelligent and because he couldn't cultivate, he remains to himself to not give any worries to his Uncle and Aunt but of course they knew how he truly was at home.

So they never minded how he shows himself on the outside. But they were quite fearful for his future and because of that both his Uncle and Aunt would hunt beast with rich QI in the swampy marsh forest in hope that he would someday break to 1st level of Body tempering realm as there were cases when even a person of age 23 had entered body tempering realm by eating beast with rich Qi over the years and from then he could cultivate normally.

A normal person would live around 50-70 years naturally, but if that person entered in Body tempering realm then he would add 5 to 10 Years to his life after every level he crosses in Body tempering realm and with a hope to live a better life after getting stronger.

Anyway, Alex was not thinking about this right now, nor was he in a position to even have any other thoughts. Because he was busy seeing a live action show in front of him. ' I died as a pure virgin in my previous life maybe because I was so pure god gave me new life after death' thought Alex shamelessly.

Alex was quite excited about the scene that was happening in front of him.

In front of him under the bright moonlight, Alex was filled with a view of the bed and Aunt Meg walking over to it. She was wearing a short red robe and sitting on the edge of the bed, gave her long, dirty blond hair a toss.

"What is it honey?" she asked Uncle Jack with a big smile.

"Just wondering if you're ready for bed." Uncle's deep voice came from behind her.

"For bed, sure," her smile turned mischievous, "For sleep? Not yet."


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