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Chaos Emperor of the Universe
Author :Rollingpandaa
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1 Prologue

What the hell is this?

This was the question that Alex pondered on as he studied the dusty dark book in his hand; his mind seemed to be in disarray.

When he found a mail in front of his door with the game he purchased online and with the black book, he thought that the seller might have included it for free.

He opened the Book but all he saw was some foreign writing he couldn't understand. It was quite a shock for him as he had been taught many different languages by his family and even if he couldn't learn every language, he could at least recognize most of them. He was not able to make sense of the diagrams and writings. 'Maybe it's some occult book those weirdoes would make for fun' placing the book in front of the computer he turned on the switch of the computer, he had just repaired by calling the rip off electrician.

He puts the game CD in the computer drive as he sits; Alex was surfing the internet as the game was installing while wearing a headphone with background music on.

What he didn't know was that a beautiful lady with sensual curves tightly fitted in black nylon dress was standing right behind him. Her dress was torn from some places, with some blood on her dress which was camouflaged because of black color. She looked like some agent or assassin with knives on her waist like she was out for blood but seeing the motherly smile on her face no one could believe her to be a blood thirsty cold face assassin.

'He doesn't seems to be practicing his skills, or else he would have found me with smell of blood on me' thought the lady with that smile still pasted on 'I hope this work or else'

The lady then started muttering some words that seem like a chant or spell while slashing at her hands to let large amount of blood from it. Her hair magically started levitating and blood which should have fallen to the ground rushed towards where Alex was sitting. Dim light beneath him started glowing in form of an invisible array that she had drawn before when Alex was in his college. The blood falls right on the array but there was no sound of blood splashing and even if there was Alex couldn't hear it because of the headphones. He had his eyes concentrated on the computer screen which had the introduction video of the game playing. He didn't even see the book beside him had dim light glowing from between its pages. But the lady saw what was happening and hope could be seen flashing in her eyes, alas it was then that her bracelet started vibrating that made the ladies face grim and gloomy. She thought of something and then decisively stabbed one of her knives right in her chest through her heart. More blood started gushing out from her wounds and a dribble of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. She was still standing straight while chanting quickly, looking straight at the boy's back.

Somewhere in the space of earth's orbit a spaceship started to materialize. It had a black oval shape and from its side a slim cylindrical tube extended out. Inside the spaceship, some men were standing behind a big screen. One of the men had a scar on his left eye which was covered with a black eye patch.

He said to the man sitting in front of the smaller computer "Status of the target"

"The target has been found and locked on" said the subordinate.

Another pockmarked face man beside the eye patch guy said menacingly. "That traitor will definitely die this time. She thought she could run from us while stealing that useless book we found from the ruins. But I can't understand why she is still standing at that place when she should have known with help of her gadget of us locking onto her. Why is she not running, this is not how she usually is"

"That's because the place where she is now is where his son stays" said the eye patch guy casually.

"What… she had a son…. Why don't I know about it? Ah, leave it I don't need to know. I just want that bitch dead and if her son can accompany her as interest than that is all too well with me" that man seem's to have some bad blood with her.

A beautiful secretary besides the eye patch guy gave that pockmarked face a disgusting look and said "How rude, you just hate her because she exposed you and after that thrashed you badly in front of the directors, hump"

"How dare you lowly bitc..!" before he could say anything, he got punched in his face by that eyepatch guy "Enough with your nonsense or do you want take her place down there now. Don't think that you can always get away with your fathers position. Put a zip on your mouth"

"Sir, her place down there is giving off energy waves that are of the charts" said the monitor guy.

"What is she doing…. We cannot kill her now. Get our guys in ground position to capture her and I want her alive right now fast" said the eyepatch guy while giving orders to his men but then he saw from the corner off his eye that the pockmarked guy pushed the monitor guy from the seat and then punched the red button that would launch the missile on the spacecraft. It all happened so fast that no one could stop him.

"hahahah…..you think you can stop me. I will have both of you fired when I tell my pops how you two insulted and hurt my handsome face. And that bitch has to die now."

"You bastard, what have you done, you pushed the wrong button and it will not only kill her but will also kill 1000 innocent people living there around her" eyepatch guy had a visible blue vein popping out of his head when he said this.

"whhhatttttttttttttt…nononono impossible.....I will hav..have my father cover this as terrorist attack..right. It was done by those terrorist.. haha…I am genius" bloody pockmarked face guy couldn't help but laugh at is intelligence.

'I know now why an SSS rank Assassin would betray us. Even I am having an impulse to kill this guy right now' everyone in the room had similar thoughts.

The missile was splitting the air red in its front while rushing toward its target.

Meanwhile, the lady had completed the ceremony, and she could see that it has become successful just how the ruins had the description drawn on them.

She weakly smiled at his son 'Live well my pearl' thinking her last thought she falls down on the floors while still looking straight at her sons blurry back.

Alex, who was playing found that his heart was throbbing furiously and he could suddenly feel wetness on his face below his eyes. But before he could touch his face, suddenly he had goosbumps all over his body. He couldn't register enough when he saw the socket behind the computer bursting out with electricity while traveling right through the computer into him.

'I am so dead' Alex couldn't help but think this last thought before his world blacked out.

Coincidently, what he didn't know was that after he passed out from the electric shock.

The book beside him combusted into flames while sucking him with his computer inside of it. It didn't stop just there, because it teleported right above the unconscious lady, the book automatically opened one of its pages and also sucked her inside.

After all this, the cover of the book shined with a beautiful array light matching the array drawn on the floor. It was at that time the missile hit the apartment, but that too was sucked into the book.

The dusty black book finally exploded with a meter tall black flame and vanished right after that.

Everything went back to normal, other than the hole in the roof of the apartment, the room was empty without a single furniture or any material.

In the spacecraft, a bandaged pockmarked face guy was standing with his jaw agape at the scene in front of the monitor. "Was it a dud missile, why has it not blown off?"

Everyone in the room heaved a sigh of relief thanking gods this tragedy could be averted.

While the eye patch guy said to his secretary " I think it's time to retire, you want to come with me"

The secretary said while blushing "I can't stand that idiot so…I will go with you. But before that I think we should take care of this guy so that he doesn't explode this planet off someday. We will make it look like an accident"

"What are you saying, no we can't do that. Let's just [repair] his airship so that he can go to the ground [safely] for medical treatment and vacation" the eye patch guy said shamelessly.

"Um, why am I sweating in this ac room" sweaty pockmarked face guy just couldn't figure out this mystery.


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